Friday, April 27, 2007


Grey gold low cloud cover lit up above Empire State Building scape coming across the bridge late last night
nightbirds singing after dark and at dawn sheeting rain moon clouds the trees green

pastry and a cafe in off Lisbon main street , a few drunk men at the bar , hash dealers , couples
picking up some cod puffs and shrimp pastry a quick cafe before the bus ride south to Faro
On boarding we met the host - stewardess, polite but crisp very attractive Afro American woman queen who came through with a nice selection of drinks (beer of course) and snacks
Kilometers of Portugal towns green areas and brown hillsides quietly sweep by
Skunk Anansie's Follow me down on the bus soundsystem

eating the McDonald's Oriental sandwich on a green bench out by the Faro watertfront
DCC was waiting for the bus back to Lisbon down the street market closing down quietly under blue pink purple skies

in the last weeks a new buildings infrastructure has topped Stuyvesant Town roofs to grow about a floor a week
bright morning sun military helicopters phalanx flying back and forth out the windows facing East River

talking to the receptionist at Rembrandt Square Hotel and her smiling sweetly
and then afterwards finding my way finally to the webcafe / laundry and beyond

the guys that tried to steal my bag on the train through Antwerp
, talking with the South Korean kid whose bag did get stolen and the stories of the drinks & snacks vendor as we discussed what happened as we were riding in the space between train cars to Rotterdam

wandering down to the rocky beach the morning after the gig at Serralves in Porto
where white waves break through rocky ridges and coves and watching the color of the sea under the clear sun
as wave after wave crept closer

the hawk up in a tall tree out on the Oval, surrounded by the pack of crows caw caw kaw
Now listening: Kraftwerk Live in Tempodrome

IY 10

Ike Yard set 4/20 & 4/26

A pretty great show last night @ Monkeytown with Messages, friends and families
Thanks everyone who came out and helped along the way

Impressions ...

Traffikers people numbers money munitions culture species N African Europe Bucharest Istanbul
M Kurtz women women in post stand in the center you you can move
Masochist one of the first new songs we came up with and a favorite
3 (KC) using double drum programming , 2 different drum machine patterns selections hand synched into song form
Mirai driving rock like bt overlaid with deep calm waves and stream of futuresong form
Oshima cassette sense of overlit Odaiba , Venus fort , Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay her coat blows open as she smiles
Shimmer (KC) acoustic electronic perc cycles waving forward shimmerisch
Robot steppes possibly a sdtk for the metallic outside world of KW Jeter's Farewell Horizontal, 2000 AD comix, IAmRobot remix
IY10 motrik bt cleaving multidirectional , synth bolts cyberspace stasis layers
Shiva virus an impossible machine beautiful destroyer of worlds

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Among the things going on now

Ike Yard did it's two shows in NY , Lyon's Festival Nuits Sonores coming up 5/16

DCC has a fine new demo with the great new version of One on ones ,
a great new mix of the now finished Ignition Spark (now with Nomi's vocals added) ,
Let the clubs ring and a happening jam loop from Amiens gig last year we now call 'Taking of Pelham'
The group is considering to release their own 7" in the near future 2007 ...

Dystopians in probably getting to Studio in later May (Din/Self licking ice cream cone/Psyka: What the Amazon asked the Wikwos)

Diaries Of A Nightclubber project getting a boost here and there. Demo time coming ...

Dominatrix new music , visuals underway , start last song for new EP soon

Amsterdam -Rotterdam - Bourgoin -Jallieu

April 4 Wednesday DCC 3 got up early to leave Faro airport via Transavia to Amsterdam.
Faro was interesting but quite bright during the day so we hung out in our rooms ,
I did finally go out and scouted the village described in the map the young woman at the desk had given me,
looking for the beach ... but it was another bridge further down the highway
Big orange moon was still up when I went to sleep after 2 AM ...

Taxi into Amsterdam for 2 days of running around , doing this and visting that before we went to Rotterdam 4/6 for the show at the Worm which went very well i think.
Nick and i would set out each day to cover some territory around our base of Rembrandt Square ,
I found an area of many bookstores all together not far from Dam Square and looked through other stores along the shopping street eating Surinam Chinese for the first time one night

The next night @ Bourgoin Jallieu Abbatoirs was the 4th and final show of the tour
Long , fast and luggage crowded train from Rotterdam to Brussels to Lyon
where he met our friends from Abbatoirs.
A big vegetarian dinner , a trip to the hotel and back for the show
Great people ,tech , venue about 100 -124 people ,
we opened for El-P from Def -Jux who was on tour supporting his album ...

Ike Yard first live

We drove out of town Friday upstate to Ithaca , NY
to Lost Dog Lounge downtown close to the Commons
All rivers were high , snow upstate had melted and now bright sun had brought out everyone
Aaron met us to the club , the subwoofer rental got carried up to the secondfloor Lounge , DI's snaked , set up
soundcheck that really rocked ... 'soundlevel 7'

Things worked out fine , all along the way
98 tickets were sold (capacity 100) ,
the dubstep DJ Lexxus played a cool set of dubstep including Vex'd and had the crowd going before and again after we played. All moneystuff , additional org. and promo thanks to the fanclub collective members at the door .
It was pretty much packed when we came back in before the show.
Sound was big deep even blasting , lots of ladies got up dancing and screaming
That night we stayed up on the hill across and above the town across the lake
When we turned out the last light , there was a fantastic nightview through tall trees and a long back yard fields ...
Clear black night , with alot of stars

Before the drive back yesterday we went up inside the gates of Cornell and went to the suicide bridge and looked down into the white foaming crashing water.
Stopped again on the way back to go see this green smooth flowing river closeup and so we drove around to open fields leading down to the river's edge.
Cool memories