Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling October

Clear sunlight through the green trees,
only top of the buildings still in light,
Many white gulls wheeling around cutting wide circles high up above the Con Ed Towers,
maybe catching a draft, riding a thermal.
On the Greenpoint - Williamsburg skyline, by the Edge,
there are three construction cranes rising in view in the last weeks and days.
Odd mood from nonstop bad news, Wall St collapsing -stretched out over days last week
soft bomb's detonation rippling out from downtown, around the planet.
With Noyuri gone to Japan for a few weeks I am a bit careful.
CNNI world weather's five day forecasts lilting soundtrack triggers travel anomie watching CNN in Lisbon and Faro last year, nostalgic for Jan's Shibuya hotel TV every time i hear it.
Finish the Silk Road book, processing locations along a likely South Silk Road trip Khotan, Niya.
Times article next day on Chinese crackdown on the muslims of China's Far West.
Crossing Astor Place young woman is singing the chorus of Rihanna's Umbrella playing guitar by the 6 Train entrance.
Breakfast at Velselka counter on cold Sat. morning, people we know from years ago on the street,
empty yellow boxes for the NY Sun newspaper, empty WaMu banks shopfronts.
Tiny bird sitting on top of the bench
last dragonfly of the season touches down on the warm brick of Apt building.
Finally, white orange tipped clouds so sharp against sunset blue sky, lined up in rows that fade into dark.
I Am Legend, Silk (nice sdtk by R Sakamoto), Amon Duul 2's Yeti, Harmonia, Heroes, Mandrake
Sei Ashina has a great smile.
And somewhere, Eva Green is smiling too.

Dom, DCC, Ike Yard, Dystopians, Rec and outpost > all ongoing

Upcoming gigs: Oct.30 8:30 showing. Dystopians return to Monkeytown for a third movie night , this time we create new soundtrack for scenes and remix with original score and dialoge .

Nov.15 outpost with special guests @ Issue Project Room

Now listening Ryoichi Sakamoto's soundtrack music for the NHK Special 2002 Henkaku No Seiki