Friday, April 09, 2010

Pollen nights

Blogging less it seems ...
What with spring turning into summer regardless of what calender said,
and the long 'To Do' list written up and sitting in front of me.

Visited the Rubin Museum on a 'free' Friday night; Remember That You Will Die: Death Across Cultures,
Bardo: Tibet Art of the Afterlife and Visions of the Cosmos.
One of those nights where one is restless and needs to go out in search of 'interesting'. Recommended.

Noyuri has been in Paris and now London, related a hilarious story of going to LDN Science Museum with her boss Hiroko's girl Hana and ... Jarvis Cocker and his son.

With two weeks at home alone, cable TV scans included "2012" on PPV (disapointing and sometimes so lame and nutty),
the Joe Strummer movie (exciting clips of old Clash, revealing interviews and one hell of a look back)
, the S Sonderberg version of "Solaris" (again , like that sdtk and Clooney)
and this week, PBS "Buddha" special (amazing statues of Buddha in his super skin and bones exhalted, enlightened state).

The Mirror Mirror collaboration got a final mix earlier in the week (for RVNG. INT. FRKWAY's series EP),
Ike Yard's remix of "Sistol" by Vladislav Delay is by now in our engineer's computer to be processed this weekend,
Outpost had an excellent rehearsal, our first since 3/4 show-and came out with about 5 outstanding jams,
new tunes that will fill out the projected first album.
Recieved a small box from Dischord DC; The Rudements original recordings digitized from Master tapes found in their tape vault by Ian and Don Zientera at Inner Ear. Must listen ...

Sitting out on the Oval yesterday, sliding down the bench to stay in the shadow of the big tree in front of me, close to 90F. Watching the neighbors stroll by, students sunbathing on the tiled floor by the fountain, pollen moving in waves on the wind - a neighbor in her broken wheelchair was pushing herself along the path with one foot.
As she drew near, I gave her a big smile and we got into a conversation after I asked if she needed any help.
Susan has cerebral palsy and cannot talk too well, she has a pretty good electronic talk box on her lap.
She asked what I thought of the former owners of Stuyvesant Town and we laughed.

By late last night I was watching Eastwood's "Grand Torino", searing anger , lonely aged anger from the man with no name.
Masterful and so sad by the end credits with that song sung by Clint hizzself ...

By today , that 'To Do' list is about done.
And another weekend comes on.