Saturday, December 08, 2007


And one more new Ike Yard, provisionally IYSapiens

Sunday, December 02, 2007

November - December songs

Programming continues, more songs appear ...
first versions of Citiesglitter with the group Thurs ,
Beyonder and newest one Orange tom for another IY session later this afternoon.
After the session Thurs the cities treated to an incredible sunset like an unfolding deep sea lifeform, super red orange purple blooming windstream textured , fluffed and spreading across the sky.
Turning back to the view to the South over downtown, one time I looked a good sized hawk had perched on a TV antennae across the way, it's shape outlined by screaming orange cloud behind it in the ripping sky.
Look back , it was gone ...

Dystopians session with Bones yesterday , last of the year first versions of Mona, Electriss, Psyka , new Overlook and more jams.
We invited Pete Jones to join us for at least another tune, perhaps something(s) for the "THX" movie night.
After a second meeting with guitarist Norman Westburg , it seems likely we will try jamming together when I return from Japan in late Jan. That may be prep for the next Movie night @ Monkeytown, that now looks like April (!).
Dys first three songs will be up on iTunes as soon as they are completed to satisfaction, first live full set probably coming into view in spring, the Second Life Dystopians coming too.
Preceeded by a 'Barbarians week' re run, was fun to watch different movies that all tap into this MIddle Ages/ new Dark Ages/ Christians Crusade Vs Pagans mode; Arthur and Kingdom Of Heaven were running on Cable , swords slashing through cultures in the name of right, bodies half dead on the fields.
Got 300 on VOD just to top it all off, 'war porn' sure but some great visuals.
Also Tekinkinkreet on VOD ( Japanese anime directed by an American from the original manga , with sdtk by Plaid).
And Rise Of The Silver Surfer which was so lame except for the Surfer who kept cool,
Galactus too powerful to be visualized this time out (no 'FF 3' needed , please).

Dominatrix has reconnected with S Bodzin upon his return from world tour, the new EP moves forward on track ...

This morning snow is falling , sounds muffled and the city feels a bit far off, not urgent. It's Sunday.
Last Sunday IY went up into Harriman National Park upstate for an all day hike out in the woods , over the hills and back.
Glorious ...

Missed : Ascii Disko @ Bar 13 , Bodenstandig 2000 @ chiptunes Fest.

Tickets reserved for Japan Dec.30 - Jan.25 !