Tuesday, January 22, 2013

o13 is present day "Time wave zero" summer of the dragonfly scapes,witchfires. This second album we are currently writing projects forward post Sandy "Hello America", the first city to go dry out West, love and death in LA time space and sand. ( Mark C / Kent H /SA )
Black rain post punk, post industrial , biological since 1989. After doing "Now, I'm Just a Number" in 1996 the track "Corpocyte: Yokoso betaMoloid" w was next to be recorded. The new album continues the flow of individuals exploring the emerging Corporacy blurring, redefining nation states companies. Nanomaterials science, artificial life ; Fabricants, replicants & new people watering holes, protoplasm, tribal gatherings, nodes.

Coming - o13, Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew, Phantom Minds, SA ++

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Jan.20
Since the Ike Yard & Black rain tour Sept. 19 - Nov.19 so much has gone on , everything has been reassesed, and much rearranged. From Ike Yard's new album, o13, Black rain and Dominatrix and DCC rereleases plus. Some meta shape of things music - wise took form Ike Yard new album. Songs titles, lyrics are usually concerning the present moment's happening world. With forays into 20th century art of Hans Bellmer ("Milles Filles" ), Gustav Moreau and German Expressionists - Transcendent states as in say Paroxysm, Beyondersay and Ikimono Gattari - physical phenomenon; Ikimono Gattari's cold night out in the country, interiors silky elusive "Ghost skin", "Slaves Of Janet" interverse voyeurism . - IY recent travel reflection. The sound, by now more complex throw of dice across scapes of doubled beats - Tripled in the strange case of "Beyondersay", 4-6 synths & granular soft synths with kyboards, sound designs, intros and outros.
Coming. Black rain, o13, Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew, Phantom Minds ( J Julian & SA ) & other updates