Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cities that never sleep ...

New York Noise 3 Music from the New York Underground 1979 -1984
the more i hear it , the better it's sounding / hope everyone can check it out

Delic Records Tokyo Numbers Pieces CD w/ The City That Never Sleeps
by Dominatrix . Now also available on Noise 3 , great track , one of my favorite old dom tracks.
There is also a second version of "The City ...'
done on EMU system at Heiner's Studio down just South of Canal St. at Joe LaPlaca's and with Dominique Davalos ('Sleeps Tonight' music video) and Shinichi Shimokawa (DCC/black rain) on guitar and there is yet another version with vocals in the 'virgin to vampire' mode . The version with Dominaique and Shin's acid techrock soloing over bass synth anchored urban dance rock WLIR
(a time when Gap Band ruled the air) oriented new electro club pop style.
Live we used to do Sleeps and two covers, Play It Safe and Mr. Dynamite
by Iggy & Bowie circa New Values , possibly baffling some of the crowd at the Copa or Funhouse but maybe just right for Paradise Garage '84 NMS , Danceteria , Studio 54

MD recently unearthed a version of Mr.Dominatrix from his closet I hadn't heard for 20 years so that was fun to hear , remembering it as it went along it one note riffs but a surprisingly deep clubby mix from 1984 after Sleeps was a good sized hit
Mr. Dom has was recorded with Steve Breck at his Studio W of Broadway on 25th back in that day and has session guest M Diekmann guitar
Dominatrix later recorded new original music for Noyuri Tokiwa's Prinzessin lingerie CDROM Innerware in 1994 including: Neon city, flower, Dominatrixmadonnadonnamatrix

Dom has seen lots of sampled & compilation action since Carl Cox's 'F.A.C.T 1''s 'Tonight', through Junior Cartier/Wall Of Sound's 'Women Beat Their Men',
DJ Hell's 'Munich Machine' cut and Puff Daddy & Mase's 'Do It Again' +
Tommy Boy's Perfect Beats Vol.2 '98 , Andy Weatherall's 'Nine O Clock Drop' ,
Gigolo's 'The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight' triumphant rerelease in 2003
and finally, the Music Video's inclusion on Gigolo's Freak Show DVD in 2005
The dream is to have Dominatrix perform Tokyo in 2007 , following up on the current Delic CD and vinyl out there right now, with Levinthal's art the next cover

Diaries 1978 -1988 /1980 -1990 every day & night , all the people in the clubs
is coming ...

Dystopians output

Dystopians musik to DAT: Dys waltz 2 mixes
Cold stars
Psyka 2 mixes
Dys 2 & Overlook committees .
A rush of 'last work' programming , touching up , matching parts and then recording them all , a lot of fun and satisfaction too , Dys up to 8 solid songs , song ideas and sketchs now , that's almost a whole first album's worth.
Certainly a first strong Ep is pretty much already there , the rest coming along.
This was a good jump forward from late summer /fall lull for Dys
Bones expecting his boy in 2007, so would be good to record ASAP
Orange bottom clouds , window reflecting bright gold sunset Blue clouds and purple

Thursday, November 23, 2006

the happening world

All rain today after being up almost all night
a quartet of sea gulls wheels out over the river , high above in the wind
Sky grey cloud shapes sweep across the complex
I saw a small brown hawk fly between trees
Big crows hassling the tail of a small monitor lizard

11/21 crisis Lebanon after killing of Pierre Gemayel
Iraq total bill so far in $ 500 billion
11/21 Al-Awwamiya Saudi Arabia. The teenaged girl who went to the police after she was attacked by 7 men had the judge order her to get more lashes then her tormenters ...
E Java pipeline blasts seen as tied to volcanic eruptions
Craters found around the planet

Relatives of a mother who commited suicide after CNN's Nancy Grace aggressively questioned her about the disappearance of her son sued the network and the talk host yesterday Rumsfeld also being sued in Europe
Video of teacher's rant gets students in trouble
'Jackass' stunt ends badly for an 18 year old teen in Pleasanton as he tried riding his bike off a 25 ft. ledge onto a hill
Video of teacher's rant gets students in trouble
FDA rules Silicon implants safe . Botox make sure it's the real thing
OJ says book wasn't a confession
Radioactive poisoning kills Ex-spy Alexander Litvinko
Back in Russia 15 -20 thousand people have gotten poisoned from adulturated vodka . Black market vodka consumers do pay a hard price for the cheap pleasures of drinking this mixture of yeast ,water, sugar and Anti freeze.
Some of them have contracted toxic hep and are lying in overflow of hospital hallways through parts of Russia
Meanwhile up on the int. Space Station , a Russian astronaut used a 6 iron to tee off a golf ball for an earthly promotion

11/2 meanwhile the Mars Global Surveyor has fallen silent after 10 long Martian years , some last images from the craft huge sand dune formations around edge of a crater
Siouxsie & The Banshees 'Your City Lies in dust' plays in the Apt.
A lot of vehicles on Mars at the moment , 3 orbiters , 2 surface rovers
and also Europe's Mars Express

'Satellite's gone up to Mars,
soon it will be filled with parking cars' Lou Reed
* noting Lou's new Tai Chi DVD production .
Funny it was 10 years ago that Manabu , NTV and myself did Digital Shiatsu CDROM !
' oh i oh , oh i oh , my friend ...'

Google reaches copyright deal with Belgians Re: new links to newspaper content
Slovenia crowd protests Roma Family return
Woman priests given 'dregs' in Church Of England
Nemotodes with a craving for nicotine ...

'When the children choose what to learn'