Saturday, February 18, 2006

American Gigolo 2

DJ Hell's Gigolo label has released the American Gigolo 2 compilation
mixed by Abe Duque that ends with the Black Strobe remix of "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight"

Also found 2 other Dom useage's while online
Bionic Beats 2004 Compilation by Boris Dlugosch on Kontor Records &
Chosen #2 2004 mixed by Yaniv Tal
Now I hope Gigolo licensed the track to them ,
i guess I will be looking into it ...


Took another bus trip upstate to Delhi NY Wed. for Studio with Paul Geluso
to finish tracks for DCC's new Ep .
Sessions went v well and now Drag racing ,
Czar of the Magyars (formerly Funky Dream Four) and deepSpacewoman are complete.
With all the new plug-ins , new operating System , Reason 3.0 and ProTools 24 bit HD system , we get better and better results in the Studio.

As we took a break to eat an early dinner up the hill we could see a pair of deer running up and down the dirt road that winds through the woods behind Paul's house.

On the ride back I saw a ruined house looking like it was blown apart from the inside,
a black and white cat crossing a country road outside Tinkers Village
and in an orchard of bare trees outside Harriman , a white chested hawk perched on a branch watching and waiting .

Snow piled up in drifts outside NYC
mountains in bright sunshine
wind sweeping across the road

Monday, February 13, 2006

big snow

That was alot of snow
Could see the kids sledding from out our window .
Went out in it on Sunday,
the hawk was big up in the trees
snow blown into shapes around buried cars
Otherwise stocked and staying in !