Monday, October 11, 2010

Colony Collapse Disorder

A string of beautiful clear blue days.
Even got a chance to go out and lay down on the Oval's green grass. A little wet ...
Thin slice of moon white in last night's sky ...

Some of the anxiety of setting Europe dates for Outpost 13 Nov. is past,
it's the not knowing while things are being booked elsewhere that make it a bit stressy.

Currently we have the JG Ballard night @ Oporto's Serralves Foundation Nov.5,
Berlin show @ Raum 20 with a stellar lineup we have pulled together ... Chris Timeblind / O 13 / Christoph de Babalon live / + Jamie Vex'd and SA DJ sets,
London Resonance FM radio live set and ...
maybe a show in Lisbon at a bar tbc.

Among the things in motion;
O 13 & Luca Davis' "Vandal Tribes" Ep will be released in a few weeks via iTunes, Bleep and others.
O 13 completed the soundtrack music for JG Ballard's Atrocity Exhibition, we had been working out the last 10 sections of Chapter One. Dense !
O 13 own album tracks will get some final mixes before we make them available , one way or another.
Ike Yard's CD album "Nord" is now out in Germany and parts of Europe.
The reviews from G seem good- but I can't read them anyway.
IY's remake of Sistol is out on Phathalo sublabel Cyan Halo.
DCC's next 12" is in the works for next spring.
The Mirror Mirror collaboration on their FRKWY's release on RVNG.Int is coming in Nov.
Work on 2 cuts for Nomi ongoing ...
thought I had something going with a label for a US reissue of Dominatrix and DCC and the new Dom album -but now not sure if anything will happen. Due Diligence ...
Pre production on next year's album project X (currently titled 'Polystyle' ) almost to the programming stage,
will program some in Lisbon, Berlin, Tangier if I get chance.

Although it will never be my favorite movie based in Tokyo, ENTER THE VOID had some good things like the opening credits blitz, smart enough score.
I doubt a Tokyo cop would shoot through a bathroom door chasing a small time drug dealer tho' !
Ice People was a nicely shot, simple docu on geologist's in Antarctica. Living with the cold, close quarters, far from home.
News on what kills the bee's,

Noyuri returns Friday !

Living with the Aldo Novo -Blixa Bergeld project anbb.
Cool to see Blackest Ever Black pick Ike Yard's "NCR" on their Bleep list last week.
Enjoyed ooOOoOO EP - whatever they are called exactly. Had an original sound there , esp. first cut