Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lanquage of the barbarians

Absurdistan by Gary Sheteyngart

Oracle Bones: A Journey Through China's past and present by Peter Kessler

The Book of Lost Books :An Incomplete History of all the Great Books you'll never read by Stuart Kelly

'Banished to a backwater on the edge of the Black Sea by Augustus Caesar,
Ovid wrote an eulogy in honor of his nemesis in the lanquage of the barbarians that inhabited the region. Both the eulogy and the lanquage have disappeared ...'

' Alot more books would have survived if cultural pyromaniacs didn't burn down the great Library at Alexandria a million and a half years ago ...'

8.1 Asian quake

2 days ago there was a quake in Izu , Japan
Then earlier today there was a big 8.1 earthquake 95 miles off Tonga's Neiafu Island
130 miles NE of Auckland NZ

W Coast US next ?
what if both Japan and W Coast US were both hit by earthquakes the same day or within 24 hours of each other
the Pacific Coast big one that comes along every once in awhile

Chaos feared in pandemic flu plan
150 types of bird flu pose threat
2 missing vials of anthrax were found
Armenian plane crashes 113 killed
Tense landing after plane blows a tire

Pollster Consultant Industrial Complex
Access Hollywood ' the model shot in the eye '
Female Polygamist ran scams

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

new Pac Man tunes out !

Today 2 new song tracks we have done for the Greeting Cats Pac Man music project
Pac Man Mission by Paul Geluso and Pac Man Industries by me
went online through iTunes & CD Baby

And some other new tracks coming together in the near future !!!