Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Urge crystal

A good week
PBS had a nice Shangri La program , a bit trad but satisfying since they did actually get to where they wanted to go ...
Pretty crazy episode of Nip Tuck this week , caught up with Lost
It looks to be a satisfying years-end right in time to celebrate .
Two deals for two upcoming CD's came to terms by Friday ,
and so am looking at final addition to upcoming 'no wave proto electro' Comp. to be released as "New York Noise 3" on Soul Jazz in 2006.
Found many various old but still useful New York Times articles while going through closet listening to Dubstep & hyper dub mixes ,
Bowie's Diamond Dogs 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition ,
Keith Jarrett's "Koln Concert" in the morning
Strolling the Christmas market inside Bryant Park with Aunt's Elsie and Bonnie ,
all kinds of things for sale jewelry , flexible heat pads things, Rocksoap
Noyuri chose Central Cafe for a couple drinks , nice place good service
before the crowds and before they had to catch the bus back to Delaware

Innis mode :
Table top robot tournament in Tokyo
TV forum on young Japanese who never leave home and never get jobs
China tries to vaccinate it's birds to prevent bird flu's spread
New Urge crystal , new drug imported into Japan from Asia
Machines & humans - cyborg living .
Footage of the American man who turns off his device for 5 minutes during which the poor guy just goes to pieces , can barely talk after a few minutes until he manages to turn himself back on and is 'ok' again .
The recent disrediting of the S Korean clone doctor and the uproar after ,
what's behind it all
cloned dogs on magazine covers at the supermarket ...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Washed up on a beach in Japan

What's going on these days ...
I got the call to help my old friend Robert Longo & Barbara's Patsie Cline cover group The Patsies get their sound at the Performa Benefit @ the Bowery Ballroom -
not that they really needed my assistance.
Cindy S introduced them and after a rough start they sounded pretty fine as it turned out and the audience appreciated.
Pouring rain most of that evening , but after soundcheck we were hungry so I ran out with drummer Owen to pizza place in Soho and back in time for them to go on second after what's his name again , DJ '..... ' .
Christian Marclay was after Patsies and he had a fine thing going with cello player and his radio noisemakers thingamajigs .
The group didn't need my help to pack out so i went back out into the rain and walked back home in the wet night .
Then next days i stayed in and listened to music, read some more, researched
W Ukraine and Italy's Cinque Terre some more.
Thanksgiving we went up to Inwood to Mal and Jennifer's feast , they always have a great dinner set up . The TKNY'ers Kiho and Yoshimi arrived and made a party as while we glazed and some slept we watched some of that last Star Wars ("You were the chosen one ...') and Tim Burton's Wonka DVD.
Enjoyed getting that holiday feeling , then bk downtown in time for an excellent program on NHK about Tales Of Genji' old , old drawings being painstakingly retouched one by one by woman expert.

Our Mongolian Asashoryu won the Sumo title for the 8th time in a row yesterday , purple cushions were flying through the air.
Even more were being flung the previous day when he lost to the Bulgarian Kotooshu.
Today they sat side by side, looking good together.
Japanese news full of stories of the Tokyo building scandal(11 hotels closed so far), tabletop robot festival, the sad and apparently random killing of the 7 year old girl found in a cardboard box .
Chinese soda bottles , medical waste and other floating garbage found washed up on the Western side of Japan ...

Last night Discovery Ch.'s The Flight That Fought Back was a harrowing two hour show on the last flight hijacked on 9/11. Exciting , frustrating absorbed and got a headache from blowing my nose so much .
Still very hard to watch footage of the Towers falling .
I Should Have Been Dead , also on Disc. had a good episode,
tale of survival after crashing Ultralight in African drylands.
History Ch. Secrets of Russian UFO's was crazy , Soviet fighters over Kasputin Yar battling UFO's , UFO crash sites in countryside .
Also their Little Ice Age program was illuminating on a little known climatic shift back in Napoleon's time.
It may or may not be happening again but I kep one eye on it , we live by the river .
Tivo -Apple iPods & Sony PSP linkup , Google - World Digital Library deal,
Bush & Cheney on the run , Benzine spilled into river by Harbin poisons the drinking water for thousands in China , street kids living under the roads in Ulan Bator , Mongolia.

A calm and recharging time on the music front:
The new Pac Man inspired tracks ('Pac Man Industries', Pac Man Carol', 'mission') are about finished and will be released one at a time online through CD Baby and elsewhere .
Soul Jazz New York Noise #3 agreement being worked out (UT.IMplog.Ike Yard.Dark Day and more).
DCC is quiet Studio wise but still doing label search and will continue finishing the Ep & Album tracks , no live shows here until ... ?
Bones is up doing his deer hunter thing , in special camo suit i suspect ,
Judy (Nylon) went to Jamaica for this Bob Marley thing ,
Paul (Geluso) the engineer i work with was in Paris and London for the week , everybody doing their thing ...