Saturday, November 12, 2005


Worlds behind worlds ...
Civilizations buried in sand.
It's citizens left the last city when the last river dried ,
now they are scattered .
To survive they settle where they can and mingle with the local gene pool.
Only some old songs , rituals and practices remain.
The last shaman is old and starting to forget ...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Thought it was a clean and clear victory with last night's Dover Penn. vote to oust every School Board member who had wanted so called 'Intelligent Design' - 'Creationism' statements included in teaching there .
All the Repug members were ousted with the loudest receiving the least votes ...

But no , news comes that in Kansas' they voted 6-4 the other way.
Same characters who in 1999 deleted most references to Evolution in their Science Standards , overturned in 2001.
This time the Board also rewrote the definition of 'Science'.
Bush 2 , genius that he of course believes the rubbish and surely his kind
(some % who also seem to believe it) will keep pushing this while they can.

No reports yet of L Ron Hubbard's crew getting their own cents in their too
for a trifecta Rodan of My God (only), My State Of Clear and some redefined Science too

'Monkey do' alright . Silly doings out there folks .
Oh wait , Rev Pat Robertson has weighed in claiming the Dover's citizens will be struck down by god for they have forsaken god .
Well, we're waiting and Fox TV has cameras set up

Monday, November 07, 2005

Burning cars , LRAD's , Red sand

Had some good sessions for the new Pac Man inspired Ep tracks last wk ,
in particular the new 4th Industrial Rave-ish song I put together in a few hours.
The slo bus ride up was still somehow enjoyable , only two of us on by the end.
Whenever we pass through Bearsville i think of Todd Rundgren and his studio he had there years ago ...
Skipping through the little , old towns to pick up a single passenger.
Part empty General Stores , Fire wood & Budweiser ads

Then back to town and out the next morning for an excellent day hike on Friday upstate in Harriman State Park.
All warm sun , big sky jet trails , deep forest of yellow leaves.

And in the happening world ...
Burning cars in Paris. Over the wkend they reached Marais where we spent parts of two days when we were there in Oct.
900 cars burned in one night - that's hard work / alot of anger.
The sad story of the two young men of color being chased by Police and then electrocuted by hiding in a transformer .
It seems the authorities do not know how to handle it and so it's grown to Toulouse , Lille and some cars got burned outside Brussels train station.
I expect more radical elements there have a great chance to get involved,
the opening has been created.

Then last week the odd story of pirates 100 miles off Somalia trying to hijack/ripoff
the huge Carnival Cruise passenger ship Seaborn Spirit ...
Their two boats then got a blast from the ship's LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device)
which directed a tight sound blast at them .
Was just rding this today after watching Blackhawk Down on Cable last night .

Another news item that struck me was - as part of the weather report in Japan yesterday there was a sand and dust warning for Western Japan .
Where's the stuff from ? blowing in from China ...