Friday, July 09, 2004

Heisei Nakamura -Za

It's been an interesting week ...
Noyuri has gotten ready for next weeks arrival of the ANA people
coming into town to shoot and cover the NYC debut performance of 'Heisei Nakamura-Za'
Kabuki in Damrosch Park as a part of Lincoln Center summer series.
Starring Nakamura Kankuro V and taking place in a recreation of an Edo period playhouse -
a 545-seat shibaigoya ,
the buzz on Kankuro is that he's taking kabuki back to it's roots in street theater.
ANA's in-flight magazine has hired her to coordinate their side and photographer Mick Rock is being brought in to shoot this
so we set up the shoot backstage and during rehearsal and whatever else Mick is gonna need.
I've never seen a kabuki play , so hopefully i can sneak in this time

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Stones in the sun

have been listening to Miles "Bitches Brew" and "In A Silent Way",Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter's Weather Report records
finally listening through the Skip James (1930) and Robert Johnson ('36) Collections
, found the CZUKAY ,WOBBLE , LIEBZEIT CD , "Full Circle", took me back to the buzz on the dancefloor at the Mudd Club when
"How Much Are They?" or "Where's The Money?' came on , usually getting late into the night

Thanking FluxBlog for posting
Lolita Storm's "Dancing With The Ibiza Dogs"
and Lynsey DePaul's "Getting A Drag". I remember Lynsey was on a Mott The Hoople album cover in the '70's

Caught the BET Awards TV Show , the wordy, corny old school tribute helped by the performance of waves of great OG's
like The Sugerhill Gang , Slick Rick , energetic showmen Dougie Fresh
on another level there was Jay-Z's performance of "99 Problems" with live 'band'
consisting of Rick Rubin mostly in shadow , Dave Navarro , Kid Rock (!?) and the drummer from Roots.
Too bad Bill Cosby or D Chappelle weren't presenting

Also finally saw "The Day After Tomorrow"
after rding articles and checking info on the effect of North Pole melt water ,
cold water and effect on the global cold water conveyor that cools the equator's warm water and keeps the planet warm enough for
us humans .
Some memorable sequences in "The Day After"...
Best Manhattan under water Movie work since Spielburg's "AI"
I want to see the cities plan for rising tides and river levels due to global warming ,
they would have to build something to wall off Manhattan , especially the lower island.

We can end up with a scenario not unlike that in Jack Womack's "Ambient" and after 9/11 ,
where the island is divided and you can't go between zones without proper ID or pass .
i could imagine they could /should move the Stock Market to Gov'ner's Island to be on firm ground in case of earthquake ,
'hundred year storms ,suicide bombers and trucks,
dirty (and other) nukes .

Hmm, where IS that plan ?