Friday, May 02, 2008

Dream clip

The old building '546 E 11th St.' I lived in for a couple years back in 1979 -1980 is now filled with crusties, squatters in every room, floor littered with debris, kibble.
Upon entering we had left an old Sony Walkman cassette and headphones at the door.
Tonight was drum and bass night with DJ's spinning vinyl, Mini Disc, CDJ's , faces from Breakbeat Science and Konkrete Jungle ,Jedi from Cooler, Odi, the blonde guy, the young woman DJ who worked at the store, and the tall lanky DJ with dreads.
Vinyl , CD's. Box sets, wound up connection cords on clear shelves kept relatively clean under a broken glass display case, strobe lit from behind.
Chain Reaction cd comp., mash ups and gabba mixes gathered on old computers tables set at one end of a room.
Tiny puppies underfoot, old denim, torn jackets, bondage and rave trousers, old bean bag chairs, rattan,
sheets hung up as space dividers.
Turning to leave we pick up our deck with hardrive and headphones after explaining to the young girl which is ours.
Out the door, try to keep the littlest dogs inside, outside the Pope is being shot down on the sidewalk.

Yesterdays dl's. The Sensual World, Aerial, In The Court Of The Crimson Kind, MBV Isn't Anything, ShellyDevoto's Buzzkunst,
DAF Sex Unter Wasser, Traveloque Remastered., Roedelius Cuando, Eno Moebius Plank, Roedelius and Schnitzler Acon,
Cluster One Hour, ACR 12's, Masami Tsuchiya Rice Music, SPK Live @ Danceteria 3/6/82

Discovery Ch Expedition Alaska 2 hrs last night
Mendenhall Glacier blue melt water pools on gray white ice
Spruce bark beetles chewing through Alaska enroute to Canada, Europe, Siberia
Methane bubbling up from warming tundra
36 Polar bears smeared red eating remains of last whale hunt
Prizzlies = Polar bear + Grizzly

Monday, April 28, 2008

We always really appreciated you

Twilight grows deeper new green leaves positively glowing
light purple
red purple branches flower
Another girl is loving you now

Saturday evening call from Jacqui Ham (UT, Dial).
She was around the corner in her car , good chance to get her all the UT stuff from Noise 3 creation time.
Get the feeling we can talk about any number of '80's things - and for hours.
Going off on tangents as I show her the Soul Jazz NY Noise Book,
the Soho music artists and the No wavers divisions, re: The Swans, SPK and Rhys, Glenn, Tim Sommers

Dl's 801 Live, Marble Index, Samhain, Popol Vuh, The Damned's Music For Pleasure, The Only Ones The Beast

Sunday Birthday dinner for Noyuri @ Saigon Grill for 12 people . Good stuff
Extended intro of a bloody Korean movie on Sundance's Asia Extreme . Click

Pouring rain
In all day