Thursday, April 19, 2007

DCC tour wrap up

We had the most amazing tour through Europe
Most grateful to everyone who helped along the way !

Ike yard cont.

Aaah yes. New computer

Ike yard music keeps evolving
The tunes, songs, instrumentals , pieces are flowing as we just finished mixing a new version of Shiva virus to DAT.
To be cont.

Went through the Ike Yard set today with Ken's projections
Multi beats shifting song forms on soundscapes
Break it down , pack it up
Ithaca , we are coming ...

Set list
M Kurtz
How you fake
Oshima cassette
Robot steppes
Shiva virus

- worked well 4/20 @ Lost Dog Lounge Ithaca NY and so we will do again @ Monkeytown
We have pieces more like soundtracks like say , Traffikers and Robot steppes and
there are also the song forms like 3 , How You fake, Mirai, Oshima and Shimmer.
Some other song- pieces now share the hyper and dense programming in song forms.
we also continue evolving our live set up with a round of purchases before the Ithaca show.
This music feels good for now

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Obrigado Portugal !

Residencial Santa Catarina at the top of the street
Long zoom views of the city hills
Smooth white cobbles underfoot
Out the train window suddenly the bridges of Porto come into view and the landscape opens up around the river
Stopping in the Alfama cybercafe before going down into the narrower streets of the old town
Young wild ocalot looking cats playing in the square
Galician fish lunch down in Bica . Monkfish and gambas dinner on skewers at Hospedaria Frangaria after a day of blasting white sun in Faro
The east of women
castles up on the hills , lit up in the night
V Francis Xira
Silver waves of the ocean and a long boardwalkway running alongside the coastline

Watched a videotape from NHK on Magreb
and the next day there were bombs in N Africa.
Another show then came on , on Merrakech
Times article on 'Fez as the soul of Morocco'
Had done some planning to travel down to Tarifa and take a day trip over to Tangiers
in the end glad I didn't try to do too much.

had reserved a beautiful hotel guesthouse but will have to wait for next time ...

DCC rocked Lisbon ZDBois/Porto's Serralves /Rotterdam's Worm/ Bourgoin J's Abbatoirs + Ike yard live Cornell 4/20 , Monkeytown 4/26