Friday, April 27, 2007

IY 10

Ike Yard set 4/20 & 4/26

A pretty great show last night @ Monkeytown with Messages, friends and families
Thanks everyone who came out and helped along the way

Impressions ...

Traffikers people numbers money munitions culture species N African Europe Bucharest Istanbul
M Kurtz women women in post stand in the center you you can move
Masochist one of the first new songs we came up with and a favorite
3 (KC) using double drum programming , 2 different drum machine patterns selections hand synched into song form
Mirai driving rock like bt overlaid with deep calm waves and stream of futuresong form
Oshima cassette sense of overlit Odaiba , Venus fort , Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay her coat blows open as she smiles
Shimmer (KC) acoustic electronic perc cycles waving forward shimmerisch
Robot steppes possibly a sdtk for the metallic outside world of KW Jeter's Farewell Horizontal, 2000 AD comix, IAmRobot remix
IY10 motrik bt cleaving multidirectional , synth bolts cyberspace stasis layers
Shiva virus an impossible machine beautiful destroyer of worlds


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