Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the evening

What's out now:
Dominatrix "Sleeps" bk on the line again,
this time it's Gigolo's "American Gigolo II"
mixed by the able Abe Duque who's "What Happened?" I luved.

DCC's "Drag Racing" out next, July on Berlin's meteosound/Shitkatapult

New York Noise 3 shaped up well;
2 tracks each by UT, IMPLOG, Boris Policeband , Ike Yard and Dark Day,
Robin Crutchfield's Window project and Judy Nylon ,
The '2 tracks each' mode comes off the original lineup of No New York after Judy showed Brian around the scene, but that was changed after somebody changed his mind.

An email from The Orchard has got me moving on my label
Rec, Rapid Expansion Corporation.
Rd a couple quick books (the 33 1/3 series on Bowie's LOW by Hugo Wilckin and on
Led Zep 4 by good ol' Erik Davis),
took an outstanding day hike upstate across from Bear Mountain Friday -
all green lush , water running down the hills from the rains,
pink flowers on islands out in the lake , listening to John Fahey and Sandy Bull in the car.
Noyuri keeps working, off to Paris Sat. for another 10 days.
Bones came by yesterday for Dystopians session and that was great ,
now getting into musik without drums , taking off on outro's improvising some good gothic moods and post post punk basslines.
Have been making a point of getting out in the evenings,
catch myself channel surfing after the nightly news and think
'no, that's enough of that'

Out on the Oval,
a woman is sunbathing, hips clad in a bikini bottom
all the others have gone home.
Kids running around SuperSoaking,bursts of water back lit by the bright sun coming through the trees.
Pretty chill time , the distractions, tension and irritations of past weeks
now seemingly long gone.
Back to programming bts , making musik and writing lyrics
And thinking about first online releases from Rec