Saturday, May 17, 2008

Empire State humans

Under green leaves on wet grass the NYU and New School students lie in bikini's
and on sheets flat on their bellies around the fountain while we sat out in the growing chill of spray.
Black clouds, orange skies, pink skies and skyscraper lights in the dark.
A week of plans, tabulations, contacting New York NIght Train, Otaku and joining Last Fm.
Hisham B and Port's photo show @ Mountain Fold Gallery on Fifth Avenue. Layers of different kinds of moss photo
Tres Warren Surround Sound Installation Umbra (Tent) @ Emily Harvey Foundation
Everest trek on NHK, Walkers Mediera Portugal, The Deep End Earth's End Lost Ramones movie.
Asmus Tietchens, Peter Namlook, Hume, Earth Extra-Capsular Extraction, Nordvargyr's Helvete.
Cluster Sold Out @ No Fun Fest. tonight Knitting Factory

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clash of the cavemen

Metro North train horn buzz sounds
Day hike Wed. from morning into late afternoon up at Cold Springs.
Bright sun on the mountain rocks opposite, an easy road to follow into the interior warm breezes trees fresh green
pollen high
Shadows of the hawks flying by above the trees flowering trees in noon sun Crows high in the trees ahead
Just off the trail a long black snake slithered off to crawl across rocks up a cliff
Sun rays glancing off the river flowing by , leafy green hillside contours between two hills,
in the middle distance a small island can be seen just off the mainland

Cro Magnon & Neanderthal Pans Labyrinth Borat Betty Page Apocalypto Candy Hard Candy Lost
Boing Boing, situated Technologies, nodes like in Gibson novels
Waterside parks in Sicily, snack rooks dinners ruins, Street high security anti mafia network collectives
Tangiers walkers in the Old city, white walls blue sky white sun over head casbah Blueish hills of Spain off the coast

Nightclubbing For Your Pleasure Transformer Expanded Version Vainio Noto Merzbow R Ikeda Blade Runner Esper
Rattus Norvegicus No More Heroes Vincebus Eruptum The Campfire Headphase

A next Dystopians date @ Monkeytown in August or Sept. This will be one movie @ 7:30 show and a different one @ 10
DCC's Galacticoast, Megacidade and a new jam today ... Super session and a good mix