Saturday, June 12, 2004

new releases

DCC "This Is Riphop" , the Death Comet Crew's rerelease Album
is out now in stores , on Troubleman Unlimited .
Sizzling live at The Pyramid Club 1984 ,
The complete 1984 Death Comet Crew Beggars Banquet UK only release "At The Marble Bar" EP
Original soundtracks for the great director Nicholas Roeg's "Insignificance"
and a hidden jazzhop rip track after 30 sec.
DCC will prolly do some gigs coming up , if we can keep it all together

"30 Seconds Over DC" DC punk /new wave Comp. 1978 with a song by my first group , The Rudements
appears to be out by now as well on the new label from Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye (Dischord , Fugazi) called District Line
I used to have a copy of this . original was red vinyl . That whole period was alot of fun .
Having a group while we were stll in High School was a blast

"The Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album has gotten so many great Reviews in Europe, Germany , UK , Russia ,Iceland
Singapore, Japan .
We shot a video interview for German/French TV show "Arte" the other week and so that will be airing on Arte's "Tracks"
, did the Ramm Vs SA / cross interview for Paris's 'Famous mag piece . This was such a good interview I will post some of it here ,
we got into the Mudd Club nights , the Roxy , Negril . We paid respects to many old friends , Rock Steady Crew , George Condo , DJ High Priest

next up is the "nowave protoelectro" NYC 1979 -1984 EP & Album .
All of the very best unrereleased no wave groups and choice cuts

* More Rereleases : The Voodooists , Sdtks 1983 -2003 , black rain 1 & 2 and more
* neu Dom . The new Dominatrix 12" is coming together nicely , after years of being almost ready to make the call , I finally hooked up with the excellent photographer artist who's works are so there in terms of expressing Dominatrix.
It will be a pleasure to have his work as the cover of the new 12" .
More info to come as it gets closer
* Stand Or Fall Ent. We will be doing the 2 new tracks with MC Kukoo next month we'll rip those out in time to be on Kukoo's up coming Album ... if ya liked the DCC & "Jamin Zabar" beats , you'll like this new generation of hiphop

* and more is coming together as i speak

Friday, June 11, 2004


Bob Quine RIP . The guitarist for The Voidoids died the other day @ 61
Ray Charles RIP @ 73

Taliban suspected in the killing of 11 Chinese workers in Afghanistan.
The workers were part of a group of 100 engineers and construction workers who had recently arrived to build the road North from Kabul to the Tajikistan border.

Dozens Dead in Days of Pakistani Clashes .
Pakistani troops fought with militants at the entrance to the Shekai Valley up in the 'lawless regions' of Southern Wazaristan, close to Afghanistan border.

Top Pakistan military official escapes assasination attempt as gunmen fire Kalasnikovs at his motorcade rolled by near the Clifton Bridge

US State Dept. wrongly reported drop in worldwide terrorism in 2003.
The report , called "Patterns Of Terrorism" carried the news that 190 acts of terrorism had been commited in 2003,
down from 198 in 2002 .
The actual number was 346 reported attacks for 2003 .

Halliburton under investigation by the SEC for Nigeria bribery accusations , some which occured between 1995 - 2000.
During that period, Vice Prez / 'Presidential attack dog' Dick Cheney was head of good ol' Hallib'

Mice eating contest . 2 men chewed the tails off mice in a contest at The Exchange Hotel in Brisbane and won $346

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Sound of falling rock

A mass poisoning in China ,
Suicides in India,
12 year old girl slashed to death by box cutter wielding classmate in Japan,
25 year old star actor /talent Y Kubozuka jumps 9 stories off his Yokohama balcony,
Arab allies spurn invitations to G 8 'Summit' in Georgia,
Fatwa posted on a popular Islamic website in Saudi Arabia explains when a Muslim may mutilate the corpse of an infidel,
Archbishop denies communion to Roman Catholics who support abortion rights
Ronald Reagan dies @ 93 , D Day commemorations ,
Oil habit , Bush hires lawyer ,
the hijacker recruit who backed out ,
Tenet resigns as head of CIA

Sound of falling rock

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