Saturday, September 10, 2005

occasional hum

Nice and cool these days the breeze blowing through the rooms and quiet at night
And thankfully - no mosquito bites all summer
Intense bright sun blue sky
some people are still laying out in the sun out on the Oval
Last night we went up on the roof watching the bright sliver of the moon low on the horizon until it set behind Battery Park City with the sky high white light echoing the Sept. 11 tribute in 2002 as it shot all the way into the black of the sky above the city ...
Eating white peaches , a line of skywriting floats into view ,
small plane pulling an advert along behind it passes by on it's way up the East River , occasional hum or horn burst from a boat going by on the river ...

Got most of our Europe travel and hotels , trains, planes set by yesterday ,
it's been a slow morning of rest , digesting the week's data and looking at Venice and Berlin guidebooks . Start preparing to pack One week and we go

We had been talking about it and by now are sure we will go back to Japan before Christmas and stay for New Year's
DCC's label in Tokyo is releasing the vinyl Riphop remixes 12" this fall
Have really enjoyed and appreciated the depth of knowledge of these kids in Tokyo , and Kan Takagi's Death Star Mix is so cooled out ...

* Delic Records /Phunk Inc . Tokyo presents
Death Comet Crew with The Rammellzee /This Is (Re)phop vinyl remixes

At The Marble Bar Doedeka Horn Remix by Matsumoto H
Scratching Galaxies Death Star mix . Kan Takagi
Interior Street . Pizzarobreakers Mix
Exterior Street . Hysteric Drummers programming . Latin Raz Kaz
America . Dren's Old School Tribute Mix
At The Marble Bar . Space Pajama Party Bub . Pajama Boys Yoshi Ishiyama
Respect and thank's from DCC to all the DJ's who rocked our tracks
I got copies of the Unit magazine with DCC's interview
Yoshi's done good by DCC so far and DCC looks forward to going bk to Tokyo next year
and in addition it looks that we will also do a Dominatrix Ep together in '06 ...

* The Pac Man Jam Ltd. Ed. CD is available now . If you know Paper Rad and Ben Jones you know their POV and flavor , I produced his song for the project with my man Manabu audio & video @

* Going upstate to Paul Geluso's studio in Delhi Mon. to do new mixes on the two public domain songs we are doing for new EP