Monday, December 27, 2004

memorials , aftermath & lectures on Gothic Futurism

There will be a memorial for Gretchen Bender , coming up in Jan. if possible TBA

The big Asian earthquake. How shockingly out of nowhere
and such a big earthquake it rocked the planets rotation

Rding on CNN online yesterday that 100 bungalows were washed out to sea.
A quote from owner of the Phi Phi islands PP Princess bungalows ,
one Mr. Chan Marongtaechar commenting in the aftermath
"I am afraid that there will be a high number of foreigners missing in the sea
and also my staff" .
I mention this Thai man because we had stayed at the Princess a few years ago and knew the bungalows he was talking about ...i also saw footage of the Phi Phi Cabana , that was the hotel we stayed at first night in Phi Phi .
We have friends in Thai now , but luckily they are on the other side from Phuket from the tsunami's (!)
To sit and look through the photos we took of the Phi Phi island beaches ,
the bungalow , the peaceful green , the twisty rooted trees next to the bungalow
, the small cat that started hanging out on the front table once i fed it.
Remembering how close to the beach the little houses were ,
my man Na , the taxi boat op making his way across Ton Sai Bay ...

while walking around town during the last cold days ,
i passed the rising metallic mirror sheath of the new hotel on St.Marks Place ,
last cold sun of the afternoon.
Checked out the Bathing Ape Store in Soho , for a few minutes .
Icy cold red sunsets , squirrels chakkking in semi darkness
snow floating in yellow light , crows chasing the hawk around the buildings

We got firmer news on the 2005 Venice Biennale Rammellzee lecture and performance
and so hopefully i go with Ramm and DJ High Priest to rock Venice in Sept. 2005 ...