Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Push Play

Rec aka rapid expansion corp over at www.myspace.com/rapidexpansioncorp

Rolled cold

Hyped up Friday led to come down Sat in bright sun.
Big rehearsal with Bones on Saturday, everything's in its place ,
sounds have been tweaked beats have gotten form, more push here or there.
Next up is a last rehearsal with Norman tomorrow.
The good movies blitz of past days fades, and so a break from flicking through channels to glom onto something you've seen just part of -but were hooked on.
Drinking tea , eating tea cake last night settling down with McCarthy's The Road and Portishead 3.
Didn't get out much, did find 'Dystopians movie lists' and stuff online
Looking at 2 D version of Bjork's video this AM.
Nice big Musk Oxen textures ...

Now listening : Headcut Siouxsie And The Banshees live in Edinburgh 13.08.81

Sunday, March 30, 2008


N Korean missle test
Tibet protesters beat in Kathmandu , India
New Delhi
Kenzaburo Oe
Terminal 5 Heathrow chaos
Tarragona Spain , Mts of N Spain . Oldest fossils and artifacts of human occupation in Western Europe
Judy's thing @ Rpger Smith Hotel,
Dan H DJ @ Passersby ,
going out to Gen Ken's Studio on LI City,
Excepter launch @ Glasslands
The Boredoms and Soft Circle
Shamisen concert @ Carnegie Hall Mon. night
- all kinds of good things i missed this week.
Dystopians THX 1138 @ Monkeytown Saturday April 5 Two performances 7:30 & 10 .
reservations recommended at seating is limited
Best session yet with Bones for the Monkeytown performances , we went through the whole movie in one go again .
By now I've gone over the drum parts again and focused the 4 pieces

Quiet nights and working on projects
In the morning there were two hawks flying across the Oval
snipping branches from high trees and taking them to two different 8th Floor Apt. air conditioners.
They arrived in the trees close to me where they flapped , both of them peed or shat down from on high dropped a small branch or two then flew directly above
Then off between two buildings
bright clean end of March sun whitens blue sky
easy morning