Saturday, March 22, 2008

Found in transition

A bit inspired
the 21st Century Arctic project got a solid boost this past week;
have now finally met with one of the players in midtown this past week ,
and so together with him am in process of reconnecting with a second research player in order to explore what we I would like for their org to do in the pro.
Also took the chance to contact a third player and got his initial interest in response ,
was lucky to catch him a couple days before he headed back into country. All TBA

Wonderful digi photo travelogue by Wei Wei Ai on his blog; NYC -Dubai -Beijing last week . Bet he's glad to see his cats again.

Viewing week:
The World . Caught the rest of this Chinese movie and enjoyed the stories told amid the manscapes of the World themed park, the unfinished concrete plaza where Little Sister worked before being fatally injured in construction accident.
Howl's Moving Castle by Miyazaki on Cartoon Channel
Speed Grapher anime and Russian Dolls, Cold Mountain, The Human Stain, Edvard Munch and The Secret Life Of Words
Listening week:
Fripp & Eno Evening Star a few times and then found their Air Structures live in Paris May 28 , 1975
New passage for the THX1138 live score in rehearsal with Norman Westburg yesterday
Marian @ Zebulon last night