Thursday, May 02, 2013

most captivating ever

Looking at the Jan. - May period again ... It must be the always less captivating and 'refined' FBook 'User experience' that kept me away from blogging any more often in the last couple years. But was not inclined to always 'work it', connect it, grow it.
More inclined to just ... write.

Left wrist healed - completely ? - after last Oct. quick slip and fall retreating from Mam Tor in the thunderstorm in a hurry. Luggage wheels wore out, thrown out - and not yet replaced. Oyster Card, assorted Swiss Francs, Norweg / Swede / Denmark Kroner and Euro's in plastic baggies pushed further back on shelf.
ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN #6 came in the mail the other day ( Interviews ; Actress, Raime & Black rain, DJ Kaos )- another result of time spent during next to last show in Lucerne w Remo & Sam. Their Ltd Ed. 10" was another fine upshot.

Ike Yard's reissue of the Factory LP on Desire came out well, the remix Ep #1 (Regis / Monoton) collab w BEB super.
We agreed to have "Elysians" appear on Electric Voice Comp. "Shiva Virus" is now going to be "Inside The Volcano" where it sounds quite fine. Look for the Swedish Comp., they did a fine job wid it. W remix Ep #2 about to be released v soon, 10 basic tracks for a whole new album recorded and in middle distance 1981's "Night After Night" EP comes around for reissue & remixing ...

o13's first album "Time wave zero" came out on Desire and has begun getting proper reviews. No, it is not as willfully dark edged as say, Black rain or same fields as say , Ike Yard but o13 was not designed to be those things. Does contain 'Lead' bass, guitars,'songs', 'vocals', 'albums', a'70's' ref. here and there. o13 played the (DJ) Mark Kamins Memorial April 17 where we saw 'Everybody'that came out for the 'party of the last 10 years' Walter pulled - and pulled so more to get together.
Strafe rocked it well.

Black rain's Euro & UK tour Oct. - Nov. was important in that it was the first time I did shows myself - and they did not 'fail'. The collab w Kotra went v well again @ UNSOUND.
3 x over 10 dates found myself distracted / snapped out of perf focus by audience members talking loud enough to follow the conversation clearly onstage. Sorry to Pan Records Bill K in Berlin as after second time focus lost and audience warned, I just stopped, leaving him to scramble into his own DJ set.
But the Bunker show April 5 blew things out a bit more. After trying a few ideas and w no Br members around to join /rejoin i say "Let there be distortion bass" on some pieces. Much more fun for me too.
10 new cuts getting ready for the new Br album for BEB - 'post'post'industrial territory, biomimics, metamorphs and replicant - like humanoids, vocaloids and constructs.
Meanwhile out of our past, Black rain Mach 1 ( 1989 -93 ) & 2 ('94 -'98 ) will appear on vinyl w Desire coming up later in year.
Black rain out West w/ Cut Hands June ? TBA

As on previous 2 tours, stayed around longer to do some recording w Julian Jockel (TBA Mea Kusma) and Michael & Bernardo from Different Fountains. 2011 saw recording w Julian in Eupen after o13 show there ( courtesy Mea Kusma ). Now, best of both sessions will become the "Phantom Minds" Ep by JBLA to be released also by Desire ,w plan for remix Ep w L.I.E.S DJ's to follow ... Ron and Svengalighost attended the IY show in Paris and regaled us w tales of what's up in Belleville that inspired one of the cuts w vocals.
NY Club Diaries 1978 -89 needs Kickstarter vid,
Book 2 underway.
Dev App underway.
Looking at next place to live / work ? underway as the Euro tour did not turn up the one outstanding local.
Many great people and locations tho' thank you


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