Saturday, December 11, 2004

'Pet' Wildebeest tramples owner

Strange voiced whale at large in the ocean .
Normally Baleen whales emit sounds at 15 -20 Hertz ,
this whale has been wandering the Pacific for the past 12 years
singing talking at 52 Hertz

US House fires eco terrorism ?
Marine wanted in death of Roumanian rockstar .
Teofil Peter , bass player with Compact was in the passenger seat when the marine crashed into the car he was in , killing Teofil . Teofil was honored in his homeland and his music was played all night in his hometown in Transylvania
NYC. Kerik out
Austrian Grocery Plus' chain was offering baragin Botox treatments , sparking outcry
Ukraine . Yushenko was poisoned with Dioxin
Knife wielding construction worker on drugs held 9 year old schoolboy hostage for 4 hours in Bangkok before he was shot witth rubber bullets and beat severely by the crowd . the boy was unharmed

Pet' Wildebeest tramples owner . N Indiana

Sunday, December 05, 2004

100 tracks

several aims , many kinds of music , more releases : public domain music , sisters , hiphop , Dystopians

in doing the public domain music Ep , Judy Nylon and i decided to work up new versions of classic songs that are still heard sometimes , but are growing farther out there into at the edge of American's minds .
My parents generation definitely heard some of those old songs in their day ,
more so then my generation .
Judy wrote new lyrics for her version of the old classic "Yellow Rose Of Texas"
and I am working with Paul Geluso on the music & soundesign for
"In The Good Old Summertime" new version with vocals by amazing Liz Janes
(current album is "poison & snakes" on Asthmatic Kitty ).
We're working on adding more new tracks and overdubs ,
Paul had to get a bigger ProTools System in.
We work to get to some new kinds of maximalist band /sonic palettes into these genre pieces and do a series of new songs - pieces -soundtracks that have 30 -40 tracks and more ... I won't be able to push beyond that with "Summertime" this time ,
but i do have two more big maximalist production songs in the works and coming along closer to bubbling into production - the first release from sisters , an EP and Dystopians first EP - and those two pieces '"Tales of the Seventh Gate" and "Din" should get us close to my goal of working in more detail with 50 -75 even 100 tracks of audio to mix from . We should do some Surround Sound 5.1 mixes and get those out there

Sisters first Ep will feature material that's been coming together for the sisters concept over a period of years including "neofolktale" a remix of this future tale narrated by actress Sean Young in 1987 originally for our cyberpunk project 'Hip Tech High Lit',
, "goddess awakens in the brainforest" S East Asian technopop ambient
and an epic "Tales of the Seventh Gate" conjouring up sounds of Silk Road

hiphop . DCC "This Is Riphop" '04 , "Bi -Conicals of The Rammellzee" '04 ,
Kuoo's Album '05 , new DCC Ep "RollinTumblin Rider" '05 , new hiphop Ep series
TBContinued ...

Dystopians already makes good electronic music , we have a handful of pieces that all work in ways that remind us of electronic music we like , but as we grow beyond that stage and we get into a new music , with some new vocab. , playing with structures and sound combinations
Mal (DJ , synth kybds,v) and I (prog , synth kybds , v) will probably be working with help of a strong bassist who can really rock , plays with bow , knows his fx playing ,
can double on guitar for tracking as needed and figure out some great way to debut live with whole group bearing down , boombox infrasound riot , dancers
You know , a whole Dyystopians review

DCC , Dominatrix - Gigolo news

New records underway : DCC has the all new Ep almost done ,
with all new Album to follow . DCC "This Is Riphop" Album out now on Tmu,
we just got an offer for Japan show in May 2005 through our friends at Delic Records.

The all new Dominatrix Ep is taking shape ,
the "Sleeps Tonight" music video , directed by Beth B in 1984 is on the new Gigolo 150th release DVD special .

The Voodooists rerelease is underway , we have to transfer the old Akai tapes
Dystopians making new music
My NHK interview aired on Japanese TV the other day

now playing . Miles Davis Group unreleased 26.49 epic "Ghetto Walk" from the
"In A Silent Way" sessions

'Place where men become gods'

Drift through scan
Bernard B Kerik in as new sec of homeland security
Ukraine's people power orange revolution celebrates
Was Yushchenko poisoned with dioxin ?
BBC falls prey to hoax on anniversary of Bhopal disaster
UN's Annan soon to be history
Pyramid Of the Moon . A tomb filled with decapitated bodies was found inside the ruins of the 2,000 year Pyramid of the Moon in old Teotinacan , the first modern city built in the Americas .
The so called 'Place where men became gods' was found by the Aztecs in 1500 AD
Researcher pulls his name from paper on prayer and fertility.
A prominant researcher at Columbia Univ. has pulled his name from a controversial study of prayer's effect on fertility . The study , published in The Journal Of Reproductive Medicine in 2001 , found that woman undergoing in vitro fertilization doubled their chances of becoming pregnant when Christian groups prayed for them
Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County settles 87 cases for a reported $100 million , topping the previous $80 million settlement made in Boston .
Plantiffs said thousands of pages of documents detailing decades of abuse by the clergy and others would be released in the coming months
Ex Cali cartel boss Rodriguez Orejuela sent to US
Alaska . new oil exploration guidelines .State officlas said they have settled on a new way to decide when the tundra of the North Slope was hard enough to with stand convoys of heavy vehicles .Gov.Murkowski , Repuglican replies 'Hrmmph'
13 children stabbed in another school attack . Unidentified man made his way into an elementary school in NE Jilin Province and slashed 14 first graders , injuring 4 seriously . China has been dogged this year by attack in schools.
Last year Japan went through it's own series of school attacks
Mongolian rockers banned from playing by Chinese officials
nice pic of NAS and dad Olu Dara in today's Times
have been listening to Anonmoanon ' Bourbon Whiskey Derby Ram CD i was sent,
made contact with Stones Throw , Warp had a rockin Christmas party Thurs night
The man who's married to Mary Jane

now playing TORQUE CD1 "Crystal" '97