Saturday, June 28, 2008

A place to bury punk rock

A week ago we were preparing to head out to Punk Island.
Been wanting to visit Governors Island for a few years ever since it opened to the public, this was another chance.
Old style houses lying quiet in neat rows, lawns stretching down to ring roads, tall trees shading sidewalks, fort up on hill
and dozens of punk, alt and post punk bands playing without volume restriction.
Outstanding sound of the day was Unstoppable Death Machines.
Heard from a distance as we passed through phalanx of crusty punks in their own world gritting moshing sweating in bright white heat,
the Machines were out there flailing and thrashing in their own patch of sun.
Boasting the only bass we could feel all day, good solid trio improvising they stood out in wilting midday.
Shirtless fans, people who happened to ride by on bicycles bobbing heads while looking for shade.
Keep an eye out for these guys.
Walking the parameter walkway there is a point where you cannot go further South but in the future this part of the island is due to be 'developed'.
The winning plans presented last year seem promising; letting one area return to marshland, more art & music performances , possibly becoming the NY home for Shakespeare Theatre all sound fairer then having NYU buy the island.
The island has been out there all these years, potential great asset to the city as it finds it's footing and uses now this century.
Like having Punk Island on it !

Wed. was Int. Shades @ CakeShop, met up with Norman and strolled on downtown.
The Shop is on a row of Ludlow Street, the sidewalks filled with streaming people by night.
Finally met DJ Johnathan from NY Night Train , also Bob Bert, Simeon from Silver Apples,
also Adrian Altenhaus who used to dance with Dominatrix bk in that day, Robert Manos who Mark and I played with the other week.
'Maximum reverb and no echo' was the request from vocalist for Pocahaunted sitting on the floor. Test test ... then a er ghostly long 'native' chant -y vocalizing began the set. Nice drums. Over to the bar next door for a shot.
And back again for Int. Shades.
Enjoyed Alice's bass, Mark's riffs anchored by Bob drums, easy to listen to and tight.

Last night A Place To Bury Strangers @ South Street Seaport.
Got there right in time to miss most of Khan big band, out on the pier there was the new Waterfalls off Brooklyn Bridge, another on Governors Island, one on Brooklyn shoreline and another up off Williamsburg Bridge.
Lit up till 10 PM.
APTBStrangers sound was a bit muffled but basic idea I like.
The promo read "Joy Division meets Ministry' and 'the loudest band in NYC' and on their myspace it has the loud and drum machine parts plus a good sized portion of Jesus & Mary Chain sonic.
In general they came across better on the myspace player except finally at the end they could break out of the sound(man's ?) blanket.
Walking back uptown by the river, the Waterfalls project's sheet of water falling under the Bridge,
Chinese families out cooling off, tourists taking pictures and a free bus uptown.
Flipping through channels came across an uncut / Directors cut of Roeg's The Man Who Fell To Earth on cable.
Today is African music @ Summerstage but may hang back out of the heat to get ready for a session tomorrow.