Friday, May 19, 2006

Meet you at the 135th shop in row x

With the first date of the postponed DCC Euro Tour would have been exactly three weeks from today - and the also postponed side trip to Ukraine three weeks after that ,
I awoke from deep dream in which the group was invited to visit a fan's home in the Ukraine.
On the way we passed many homes, houses with people sweeping out front ,
sitting on their steps , some looking pretty hardscrabble.
They sat us down in their home and fed us we talked as best we could in broken English
We were there ...
Looking over the Times online over coffee i find the article on the 'Tolchock' Market
in Ukraine's Odessa where mini shops operate out of metal shipping containers outside the reach of tax collectors in varying shades of brown, gray and black marketering.
Est. millions of dollars worth of stuff sold every day ...
The old lady pushes through the crowd calling
'water, juice, beer, watch your feet' ...

Dystopians musik

The group continues programming new bts into songs,
some titles dealing with the Military Industrial Congressional Complex
such as Self Licking Ice Cream Cone , T I A (Total Information Awareness)
and Half The Budget Goes For Disinformation.
While Din : Tales Of Ur and Psyka: The Amazon asked the Wikwos
are in a future / 'new Dark Ages' mode
Other musik is drawing from freeform electronic bts ,
bts made by hand drumming on wood , trying to get away from trad 4/4 rok / techno /club usual kick and snare patterns ,
Bones is working on his own system at home
- and we have yet to get into the more dense musik
with DJ adding cross bts & layers.
But it's all coming along ...