Monday, January 31, 2011

Remixes, next releases The Rudements, DCC, Ike Yard, O13

Underway now:
Dominatrix remix for "Don't Wake Me" by A Taut Line & Hong Kong In The '80's for Diskotopia Tokyo label
& remake of The Unit's "i,Night" ( original early '80's synth group from SF ) for Opilec's UNIT"S CONNECTIONS rerelease & remix p

Coming in 2011
The Rudements "Imagination" set to appear on Future Noise & Kris Needs " Dirty Waters 2 " compilation released late March.
Death Comet Crew new 12" "Galacticoast Mosi" Tba coming by summer I can imagine ...

Ike Yard met last week, listening together through 2 Cd's worth of unreleased music from various sessions along the group's path,
live shows that had the best , useable mixes - about half the tapes featured low or no bass or low end freq.
But Michael Diekmann has gone through the cassettes and reel to reel tape notes and found some things I hadn't heard before - our 8m improvisation based on skeletal rhythms and sequences from Fred , framed by electro static hard syn drum hits
with rolling roto toms interplay by Kenneth and myself - the encore from Danceteria 1982 !
IY will try to do this unreleased music collection and pick up work on music over the summer , expecting to accelerate into the fall

Outpost 13 is now doing last tracks for it's first album, it's blowing up into something awesome.
No one is doing music like this, not these new songs ...
We have 4/14 @ Electro Choc Festival France , 4/15 London Vortex Club , 4/23 Eupen Belgium plus London JG Ballard night TBA

Another good snow last week, fluffy deep snow that came down quick and dense one night, lightning flashes through the dark.
Coming home another evening the shrill cry, probably from of one of the hawks, was ringing through the complex again and again.
White unbroken expanse of snow covers all the playgrounds.
5- 6 Ft. high snowball rolled up on the Oval with people standing on top waving
Neighbor in the laundry room talking about climate change and the storm flood that brought water up into Stuyvesant Town by our building one time , years ago.

Paris & Provence ; Antibes, Vence