Sunday, April 22, 2007


Among the things going on now

Ike Yard did it's two shows in NY , Lyon's Festival Nuits Sonores coming up 5/16

DCC has a fine new demo with the great new version of One on ones ,
a great new mix of the now finished Ignition Spark (now with Nomi's vocals added) ,
Let the clubs ring and a happening jam loop from Amiens gig last year we now call 'Taking of Pelham'
The group is considering to release their own 7" in the near future 2007 ...

Dystopians in probably getting to Studio in later May (Din/Self licking ice cream cone/Psyka: What the Amazon asked the Wikwos)

Diaries Of A Nightclubber project getting a boost here and there. Demo time coming ...

Dominatrix new music , visuals underway , start last song for new EP soon


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