Saturday, July 14, 2007

lull time beats

On the DVD screen there's Samantha Morton being woke up by the see -through wall screen unit in her Shanghai Apt.
Her hair a bit longer then the shorn nubbin head of the pre cog in the movie playing on the TV screen across my room.

On one screen , a light Blade Runner -y score by The Free Association sweeps across the brown hazed Shanghai scape. Buildings with heads like flowers, a tulip Tower , a bulb bottomed Exchange in Pudong.
Only the very tips of some of the highest structures can be made out in the almost palpably gritty mist ...

In Hong Kong high above the sticky streets filed with a crowd of marching protesters ,
China celebrated the 10th anniversary of the return of HK

67F . AM . Drinking first tea . Reading about Colin Thubron's Shadow Of The Silk Road on NY Times online.
Cool morning air coming through the windows drifts through the Apt. and out the South side.
Quiet ... the cliff's dwellers air conditioners gone silent
Out on the footpath a Chinese woman stretches in Tai Chi stance , another stands stock still on the wet grass

After last week's Black Moth Super Rainbow gig and The Boredoms bash by the bridge
we attended no music shows this week , didn't get out to Femi Kuti Wed. or Diplo @ Apple Store last night ...

Listening to Congotronics 2 , Kuduro , Timeblind's 2006 Ep ,
diamante decarton by Alejandro Franov , Toumani Diamante's 12 string kora ,
Rekorder ,T Schumacher , Bodzin's Kerosene and Tron

Night before last . One of the sweet nights you get when it's cooled off after days of heat wave ,
sitting out under the darkening trees and flashing back to the nights when we ran the streets as teenagers
incessantly cruising the suburbs for girls.
Driving through developments looking up and down the streets , clocking intersections , drive by 7- 11's
The Jean Jeanie , I Got A Right , Telegram Sam on in the car ...
Gave my old friend Dave R a call, he was sitting out on his back porch in the summer dark.

A Japanese boy sits on a bench by the fountain , jumps up to meet his lady friend and they spread a fabric on the grass.
Carribbean woman on her cell , bare feet on the gravel
I sit there fingers tapping out new beats on the bench's slats , simple , simpler , simplest

Monday, July 09, 2007

New Death Comet Crew 7" coming soon

Masters for Death Comet Crew's new 7"single are going out this week.
The self produced 45 will feature DCC's One on Ones a punchy rip quick number
evoking electro nights at the Roxy on 18th Street
with DCC riphop , Fearless Four Plus One More's Rockin It ,
Yello and C -Bank's One More Shot booming broken glass across the big space ...


Taking Of Pelham DCC ( Live in Amiens 2006 )
Just DJ High Priest , Michael Diekmann , Shinichi Shimokawa finding and locking in a groove
like DCC do

Listened to this over and over tonight
after not hearing it for a day
and it sounds pretty good already

We should have it in hand in a few weeks , ltd. pressing of 500