Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dominatrix party

Sugary snow lightly falling yesterday , sometimes the snow hangs for an instant then the air shifts again and the waves of flakes rise on unseen current and up , up over the roof.
Sea gulls wheeling high in snow mist before heading inland towards evening.

Rec close to completing process' for the Dominatrix Ep , countdown 4-5 weeks until it's actually on iTunes.
Spider dance by Voodooists is up next ...
Have been working plans for Rec's output this year into next.
Wish us luck !

outpost session with Yens, photo session Thurs., recording sessions for Nightning cont. today..

DCC setting Santos gig date soon ?, Montreal 5/1 seems confirmed.

Elephant Dance Cdr came in the mail from Rob the guitarist.
When I first put it on, wondering if I would remember any of the music we made for that 1980 show, felt a rush of energy hearing this fiery, frenetic percussion and drums mix on the first recorded track. 'It starts when one of us remembered to turn on the recorder' .
That's Richard Mcquire on bass , Al on perc, leading the way forward >

Cable program yesterday on old Japanese ceramics - included a visit to Museum collecting broken pottery.
Who keeps broken pottery ? so they collect the good stuff and keep it in the back, serves as archive for ages of historical ceramics.

Kiho and Yoshimi left town