Saturday, October 30, 2010

lull before Nov.

Honking of geese growing louder out of the East around 9 am until we could see a ragged v formation flying high above 15th St. and the East River. Crossing town they changed directions a couple times and broke form eventually veering South and flying out of sight.
Cold walking home last night.

The other week there had been a cat loose - or left out that was living among the bushes around the Oval green here in the complex. Thankfully it appears to have been taken in by some people I met out there one night after i saw the cat, a big , young tabby with white paws moving under the shrubs.

Another morning there was a pigeon head neatly bitten through to lie on the pathway,
a small pile of feathers on the other side of the walk.

Beautiful skies these last couple weeks seasons change yellow red orange

Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Europe

Four birds flying South together ,
see them from the corner of my eye while watching the leaves tipped in sun.

Five for Europe next Wed. Nov.3 @ Newark Airport.
3 shows ( Lisbon, Porto, Berlin ),
one of those a 'JG Ballard night' @ Serralves Foundation , Oporto.
One radio 'Live' ( London's Resonance FM w Jonny M ) +
one radio interview ( Berlin's Reboot FM w Barbara M )

Time & space Portugal , Andalusia , Tangier , Berghain , Raum 20 , Grunwald ,
Tate Modern for Wei Wei's 'sunflower seeds' , Rotterdam and ... ?

Some intra - travel still to book, stays in each area.
Return NYC Nov.23

Tetsugo Hyakutake @ Alan Klotz
Walter Cotten photo works
Solar Bears mix
Vitalic Midnight Express
Irina's Theme , Run To The Bridge from Cat People sdtk by Giorgio Moroder team
Berlin Super 80

Nomi tracks ,
Ike Yard vinyl cover art done and sent out
DCC remixer tba
Dominatrix deal tba
O13 12" of sdtk for KT Auleta's Nowness piece tba