Saturday, November 17, 2007

More musik

And so there was more programming, a virtual orgy of it, to be continued after I get off writing this >

This comes after doing the DCC, Voodooists and Dystopians Studio work the other wkend,
then the prep and execution of Ike Yard live @ Vassar-
a few days rest and the inspiration to make more music came rushing back.
Experimentalism in patterns that are built up as a rushing layer on the left with another similar sound on the right
( Beyonders for IY ) ,
a second piece that feels related to the Tokyoscapes glimpsed during Oshima Cassette
seems to revel in it's smoothed sense of urban speedkinglingoism ( Citiesglitter )

Checking out Dystopians track previously known as 'Dystopians Waltz' earlier ,
took out all the old kick drums and leave it only tom toms and a few Granulated Synths
and call it Mona, Modig and Manig ( yes, a Druids thing)
Then started a new one - Electriss dreams set many thousands of years back in Hyperborean time ,
after the old Gods were defeated by Zeus and had retired to the far North.
A bit faster then Self Licking Ice Cream Cone and Overlook committees ,
the sounds chosen and patterns here are a slo - mid tempo building tone poem soundscape with words
translated from ancient song

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nightclubbing Diaries

Out of the train stop City Hall it's still early
wet yellow leaves on black pavement
Gray clouds sweeping over the buildings downtown
with a glint of sun breaking through behind
Waves of leaves came down on the playground below our windows by today ,
half formed piles look like workers gave up trying to blow them into submission

Programmed two new experimental beat clusters for IY , started calling them Beyonders Tower' and Citiesglit
Also coming up are new Dominatrix performances to follow the new Ep iTunes release
More Dystopians and the rerelease of the unique sound of The Voodooists are all coming up

More writing lately the NYFA essay on the Soul Jazz NY Noise Photo Book,
an article on the '80's club, party and doorman scenes downtown for Japanese Numero last month.
The Nightclubbing Diaries project is picking up now ,
start to see shape of a team to help make it happen between our efforts both here in NYC and in Tokyo.
I have the year after year daily night after nightly accounts for every day from 1978 when i moved to NYC.
We were going to every club opening, to a few clubs nightly , careening around spoiled by all the free drinks
but also meeting with and some times working with the fantastic people that came through say , the early Mudd Club Scene .
Diaries 1 covers 1978 -1988 , a trip through the underground scenes that were bubbling up and overground during those years and includes of course all the music action from The Rudements in DC '76-77 / Futants NYC '78 -'79 , Ike Yard '80 -'83, Dominatrix '84 - '07 , DCC '84 - '07 , Voodooists '87 -'92 and black rain '88 -'98 ,
the clubs like Mudd Club , Tier 3, Hurrahs , Danceteria 1 & 2 , The Underground , Area , Milk Bar , Stillwend , The World , Madame Rosa's and many other that lit briefly and flitted out quickly after a few time
and the people in those infamous '80's clubs and what they were doing there.
Many stories and many people ...

Looks like we will be in Japan for after xmas through Jan.25
Tokyo and Kyoto if lucky ,
if so that keeps my decades old promise to myself
to spend even some small part of 2008's winter in Kyoto

Back to the programming

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