Monday, December 12, 2005

Death Comet Ride

Hearing them agitate , go to the window in time to see a pack of crows chase the hawk across the building tops again
Later reddish grey brown clouds float in cool blue evening sky , white city lights twinkle and shine .
Oil at $61 a barre1 ,
Two bird flu specials on Cable last night alone ,
Another special on the disturbing and truly horrible tapes shot in China by PETA with Mccartney and others , Bianca Jagger on another channel.
A very nice Hi Def Docu on Ancient Rome The hand of Augustus extending their reach over to Tunis and creating stadiums there , sailing across to Spain
Another later on NHK about the Romans laying siege to 900-some Jewish groups and tribes on a remote mount in the desert for two years the legend goes .
Another young girl killed in Japan , this time a Kyoto school . 12 years old .
Chinese Police and soldiers and their shooting of citizens peacefully protesting .
Iraq elections , bigger car bombs ...

Thankfully quiet around here .
Up to Paul Geluso's (engineer on early Anthony & The Johnsons , Animal Collective , Sufian Stephens' recordings as well as Co producing DCC , new Dominatrix tracks, and Public Domain as well as the Bi Conicals and the Nowthenafter compilation) Studio
On Wednesday to do a sweep through the 4 new Ep tracks again before the year is gone ...