Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shining in the dark

I got a great call from my Dad upon his return home to SC from working with a Church group down in Miss.
A group of 50 -80 year 'old coots' as my 79 year old father calls them
all went down in vans to Pascadula ,Miss. and worked for most of a week redoing houses and offices that has been flooded out by Katerina .
He described just how flat the land was and how the water had come right up ,
the devastation , lost pets running up to them , all kinds of stuff he was telling me

Went down to hear Tim Saccenti DJ downstairs @ The Lorelei and met Tara , HJ , Aaron.
Cop a smoke in the brick alley across from the venue
back home to bird singing the early morning hours .
The fountain on the Oval has been turned on again and was shining white in the dark
watched the hawk up on a limb one evening until it swooped off trough trees
Princess Mononoke again 24 Lost Dark Kingdom
Forensics , Kode 9 , DCC , Ike Yard , New York Noise #3.
Having a grand time working up new Dystopian tracks
and have started a new version of Goddess awakens in the brain forest for the sisters project , doing new music helps clear the head .
Nice walk last night downtown through South of Houston shops just closing up
down to quiet Malaysian dinner and off to
Taketo Shimada's Top 5 lists book project had a very nice party & people .
The lists are by Gen Ken, Jaiko Suzuki , Cory Archangel,
Tres Warren & Elizabeth Hart of Psychic Ills , Chop Shop
Branca , Barbara Ess , myself and other artists