Thursday, March 17, 2005

to the J crew

Shout out to the Mixi community
sorry this is not in Japanese for you ...

Innis mode

Tectonic plates under Aceh loosened by the Dec.quake - probably more quakes to come.
I tie the Niigata quake , the Dec.S Asian quake and Mt St.Helens venting together.
Tokyo unfortunately in between.

Bandits in the Straights Of Mallacca kidnapped crew of a Japanese tug

N Koreans buying phone cards to call fam in the South ,
South Korean journo's sending cell phones to N Koreans who only take chance to call outside country when at their rural garden plots , burying the phones in the dirt when they leave.
Defaced Kim Jong poster in smuggled videotape

Musharif claiming Pak forces had Bin Laden almost caught in their dragnet
'about 8 months ago' - a few days before ol' Condi Rice touches down in Pakistan

Live Door vs Fuji TV

'Can a virus hitch a ride in your car ?'
'We won't see John Carpernter's 'Christine' becoming a reality any time soon'
says Thilo Koslowski , VP of Gartner G2 research firm

Sunday, March 13, 2005

sound of waves , ice falling off Cho Oyu

Diplo Thursday night @ Rothko.
I haven't had an all out great time at Rothko yet ,
and the sound was muffled and weak sometimes this night too - but still glad to hear Diplo on the decks mixing genres right and left ~ grimeMobb DeepM.I.AFunkBailegrime

In almost every country of the world the underground agents of dubstep , grime , Reggaeton , J Marlboro S American Baile Funk are making waves of sounds and currents in hiphop & electro genre-bending crosses and next generation hybrid musics of the moment .
Some of those waves are stronger then others , some will do better here then others , but the waves will continue , lapping the music we listen to forward

Spent a good amount of time researching 'beyond Gokyo' during the last week,
usually in a late evening hours-long Search blitz through the web .
i am looking there because i am still looking at which places in the Himal i absolutely HAVE to go to , which next and so on .
Having done the Annapurna Circuit ('98) and up into Khumbu twice ('98, '00),
a trip up into Khumbu's Gokyo area is next .
This week i find out there are more cool climbs up to the Nameless Towers and vantage points over Ngozumpa Glacier beyond Gokyo that i would want to spend some days higher up there when I went (in next year or 2)

2 fires and a virus

Unsettling TV news of 2 recent high rise fires (Madrid and Taiwan) .
The Madrid business Tower burned for days , heli's zoomed in on twisted blackened sections of the structure , would it collapse ?
The Taiwan office building fire rained debris down on the surrounding streets and onlookers for hours , fire hosed apocalyptic cityscape littered with half burnt papers

Rding yesterday online about the Chinese Gov. and their stepped up antics against any and all from Falun to Tibetans .
This time it was the 3rd round of cyber attack actions coming from Beijing,
with the Gov sending out emails w/Trojan Horse virus inside that made it possible for Gov to track your online actions .
The mail appears to be an official notice from some figure in the Tibetan community
and asks you to open the attachment