Friday, July 06, 2007

BlackMothSuperRainbow tonight

Well , the promo email made Fugiya & Miyagi sound interesting - but once I heard some of the music
(discoid rears it's tired head , again) we can simply go to see the openers Black Moth and be happy wit it.

I hear more 'Aphex Twin' and 'electronica' in Black Moth then Miyagi ,
after listening to F& M I thought they got the blurb wrong or possibly - slightly false advertising / hype on someone's part

South Street Seaport @ 7

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Sheep Look Up

After finding out the full details on The Boredoms 7/7 77 drummers thing coming up this Saturday, I pulled out.
Cheers Hisham on all the damn work on this one !
We'll go and check Hisham's opening set and The B's tho'

Yet another summer live venue called Spiegeltent down by the old Fulton Fish Market on Pier 17 starts shows the same night , with Lady Sov . Ching Ching !

Just finished rereading John Brunner's The Sheep Look Up .
A mostly forgotten book - but a quite timely one; America has begun to choke on it's pollution ,
it's over prescribed antibiotics and buried military poisons.
The Pacific ocean off Malibu has stiffened into oily waves that barely move in the breeze stink.
'A brilliant and savage attack on our suicidal complacency in the face of an undeniable truth - that we are killing our planet and all that lives on it with chemicals, drugs, indifference, stupidity, and greed'.
Groups of muckers take the name of Austin Train as their own.
Calling the real Austin Train to the mic , lead the country please ...

One may remember Fad Gadget used Sheep for the title for a tune bk in that DIY day
Now will have to go bk to Stand On Zanzibar , the previous novel by Brunner ...

Recently saw Clint Eastwood's Letters From Iwo Jima , Pan's Labyrinth and Black Dju (w/ Manu Dibango sdtk and cameo) -
all recommended.
Black Dju's Scenes in Cape Verde reminded me of Faro in South Portugal , in an arid way.

Looks like we will have the date for Dystopians Replicant Night @ Monkeytown shortly