Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red and Black / plus guitarists 1976 -2008

Cool runnings Kode 9 Sonar mix '07, Sand, Fleisch
Weeds new season, Pathfinder, Apocalypto again
See Mal and Tim Tue's., back to Studio Wed.

Going through everything in the closet has me looking again at smaller units I did in the '80's such as Will To Power that never recorded .
Will To Power was Melanie S and me, metal and percussion we played only a few shows phase.
One was at Pyramid Club, another we put together at a loft in Chelsea 1982 (?) was with London's infamous Whitehouse.
There probably still exists the video Fred Dewey shot over on the old docks buildings in the West Village circa 1983.
Metal boxes, pieces, chains, poles rubber bonds ties leather high ceiling warehouses out over the Hudson

The Futants image up sometimes on the Rapid Expansion Corp myspace >
is from a photo session we did, I believe it was with filmmaker Michael Oblovitz,
talented friend of Martin Fischer's who lived downtown when we were there
Dom Blonde - Dominique Blondeau was an artist we knew from The Mudd Club and at one point when The Futants has moved into a large front to back loft space on Warren Street, Dominique moved in with us.
Taking the Northern end of the loft, he put up this metal work scaffold structure that held his bed and his stuff underneath.
The Futants loft was a lucky find, top floor of the building.
That far downtown below Tribeca was quite deserted after work hours and weekends.
We used the truck from the landscaping job where Frank and I worked, loaded up our stuff from Houston Street in two trips and settled in.
We had a rehearsal space, portable beds , kitchen up front of the loft.
Met Gudrun there when she came to visit Martin on her first trip to NYC with MALARIA!.
She came out of the subway and stood looking around, later the rest of the group came by
wearing those shock colors the MALARIA! women stood out in any crowd.
Martin and I set up a synth on the roof and played it across towards the large glass building South of us.
Dom went on to play in the group Broadway with Scott and his brother. Scott would later join Konk .
Dom was known for doing the red chinese style interior decor for afterhours Save The Robots early incarnation -
and a great club design it was.
Mike Finley I saw playing in a Bette Midler & Mick Jagger music video for Beast Of Burden after his days with Futants.
I saw Anita Pallenberg there for a few days, another Dominique who rode her motorcycle to the clubs.
We did our last Futants music there on Warren Street.
In the end Martin, Karin Luner and me moved downstairs into former office spaces barely suited for living in.
By the next spring Martin F would be gone.
The poster images is one of the few things left.

Listening to a compilation of German music has me thinking about the sound of guitar and guitarists
Guitarists I have played with ( 1976 -2008 )
Kerry Kitchen. Class mate , first jams. '76
Tim Cornish with The Rudements 1976 -'78
Mike (Frank) Finley with The Futants 1978 -'79
Robin Simon jammed with Futants once (!) '79. Ex-Ultravox!
Michael Diekmann with Ike Yard, Death Comet Crew 1980 -2008
Christian and Uwe from VOOV.
Shinichi Shimokawa Bass with Death Star Crew-Arena Sex Death-Death Comet Crew - second guitar Death Comet 1985-86
also guitar with black rain 1989 -'98
Kennen was session guitarist for Death Comet J-Mark Elektra Mystic Eyes / Death Comet Drive 12" 1986
Roy Mayorga with black rain live and for recording C -Factor / Wired '93. Roy was in Thorn, went on to Stone Sour, others.
Satoru Ito played with black rain mach 2 (1995-'98 w/ Shin and I) . Satoru was member of Ultra Bide, w/ Jimmy Tenor, Marion.
Chuck Hammer guested on Longo's Lead Sun and Judy Nylon's Blueprints For Aural Cathedrals '00. Ex Bowie.
Paul Geluso guitar, bass and drums on the version of In The Good Old Summertime '05
Pete Jones, Norman Westburg with Dystopians '07 - '08 .Jones Ex PIL bassist, Westberg Ex Swans.
Mark C '05 and again in 2008