Thursday, June 25, 2009

American deaths

Michael Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Ed MacMahon
- someone said ' it's like the '70's died '
tv montage of Michael's face / the red Swimsuit poster / Johnny Carson in Ed's arms
Al Sharpton's holding a press conf.

it had already been a strange week,
the ongoing days of unrest in Iran had engaged me for hours at a time following it, then the crackdown.
After almost three cool and rainy weeks , today the sun came back out today to warm everybody up.
But with all these deaths by tonight - Farrah and then Michael in one afternoon - it's an odd feeling , mediated memory formation of popidols, bits of songs, a selection of most famous images collapsed into the moments when you first hear the next news.
Kind of a real time JG Ballard feed ...

outpost 'rehearses' Friday more like we get together and play what we want night.
First time since the Cake Shop gig .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer solstice

Recording with Judy went fine,
Nowthenafter listening party at Harvestworks went well, was well attended, friends came out, the rain held off that night !
The Surround Sound DVD will become available later in the year, and there is talk of taking it around to other cities this year.
outpost Mark and I went out to Hoboken Sat resulting in a first session of Luke Davis' text soundscapes and sound designs;
an opening 20 m piece sparked things off .
It was still light when we got out of the studio buzzing

Ike yard's remixes underway, should be able to hear a release date soon
DCC album demos going out
Begun working on new Dominatrix tracks, looking at remixers for the Dom Ep ...

The light faded on Summer solstice Sunday
Really rainy season , almost monsoon feeling in the last few weeks in particular ,
We have gotten used to the sound of rain growing into a downpour as a storm rolls overhead

Black and grey clouds fills the Eastern sky all day from dawn,
a plane flying towards La Guardia disappeared into a high wall of cloud