Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Roedelius in NYC

Tonight we have Hans J Roedelius - one of the men behind Kluster, Cluster and Harmonia up @ the Austrian Cultural Forum .
Free ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

'Zone Of Autonomy'

that's what US Prez Dick Cheney claims should protect Presidential advice recieved in the course of proposing legislation .
We'll see about that ...
The Supreme Court takes up the case today
with Cheney's duck hunting buddy Antony 'hell no i won't go' Scalia sitting on the bench with the other old white farts
(almost forgot - there's a black fart up there too) .
'Cheney the vicious Repuglican attack dog' has other issues around him building and set to explode in his face /burn his stern ass .

As does the Church , ie: The Da Vinci Code for one .
Oh , Jesus was 'just' a man and not the son of , uh god ?
no surprise there , but it gets the believers Pub. Co.'s up in arms , hoping to cash in on the popularity of the 'Code' book.
These are twin forces both doing their parts in destroying Western Civilization with their 'my way or no way' archaic style.
They are in the way .
The sun needs to shine on
all this *hit and get rid of the stink .

Like the recent books shedding light on Bush 2
'the brush clearer's' macho warfoolery ,
a big new Movie opening tomorrow also features a simulacrum of our good friend of US energy Co's.,
a VP/P who denies that anything is wrong untill 5th Ave. is flooded (well , that prolly wouldn't bother DCheney).
The 125 million $ Ice Age disaster Movie
"The Day After Tomorrow" presents a sped up (5 days) scenerio of flooding (due to global warming)
and then Ice (due to shutdown of the deep sea 'conveyor belt' of cold sea water that keeps the planet temperature in balance) .
I've seen the CG version of this on NHK for years now
and it's compelling.
Somewhat thankfully if things ARE headed that way ,
it will take decades to get to that 'Tomorrow'.
But these events have happened through the ages.
Recent news of open water near the North Pole ,
ice melting and mass bird and insect die offs in England don't bode well .

And we,
we live by the river ...

Sunday, April 25, 2004

on Judy Nylon

In the wake of 2 nice, somewhat hi profile mentions in UK MOJO mag's 'Post punk' issue TopTen Lists ,
now Andy Weatherall in a Two Lone Swordsmen Int. giving Judy's 1982 Adrian Sherwood produced "Pal Judy" Album some props it seems time to give her props here as well ...

Judy is one of the originals ,
one of the people who lives doing and trying things as the ideas kept coming.
Easy to say 'she was there' with the likes of old friend
Patti Palladin (in SNATCH) ,
Brian Eno (many stories here , one basically saying that for every 'father of ambient' - there had to be a 'mother' too)
or John Cale ("The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy" , and more) , as she created her own reasons she was there in the interesting stretch of the London /NY mix of the day .
And so by now , I believe we will see Judy and her works out there again , and her recent works seeing light of day as well .
I know that the collaborations we have done over the years are all quite special and a couple should be coming out this year ...

* "Blueprint For Aural Cathedrals" a future facing soundesign
imagining a world where Judy hears her own voice /vo's coming out of Bank ATM's , Airline announcements and 'Mind The Gap' Tubeway ms' replaying forever .
On the "Nowthenafter" collection of mostly electronic , downtown NYC Artists I produced for Harvestworks .

* "Black Market" by SNATCH will be on the
"nowave/protoelectro" Collection of 1979 -1984 musik I am producing on now .

* Judy and Ed Tomney are just finishing her new version of the 'ol song "Yellow Rose Of Texas" for a Public Domain music Ep we are doing

Then i think "Pal Judy" will be up for that 21st C remix ...

Some Notes by Judy from "Pal Judy" inner
written in 1991 on occasion of the "Pal Judy" cassette on ROIR

'So "Pal Judy" flies again.
It was recorded during the last moments before the record companies regained control after punk had caught them in a coma. Writing liner notes ten years later , I can see several reasons this album is unique. We were a regular UN of players so there was an opportunity to avoid the cliches that regularly identify records as being English, American , white reggae and so on. Very rarely do renegades get a luxurious studio like
The Manor to play R&D (research & design) in without a record company overseer.
Also , regardless of how much it makes me flinch now,
there just aren't that many 'angry young women' documents.
There were always veiled innuendos , whenever my incredible luck or lifestyle were mentioned, that I hadn't suffered enough.
That point of view had to accept a notion of John Cale and Eno as philanthropists while overlooking all the nights spent with Patti Palladin making tape loops move around strategically placed milk bottles in her doll house -sized front room studio.
We laughed too much for sufferers.When we needed a bass ,
I went out and worked 20 pounds up to 250 playing blackjack at a Knightsbridge casino .
My options were always different and if it all looked easy and lucky , all the better .'

Sometimes you gotta fight
for your right

to options

'never say Jamin Zabar ...'

More and more Reviews of "The Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" continuing to come in ...
Enjoying rding what people have to say,
glad to see most Reviewers 'get it' and some I will be saving

plan B's kicking_K : in part '... or "Jamin Zabar",
which sees our hero reunited with Death Comet Crew
(actually not , that's my track , DCC later on the Album with "Funky Dream Part 3").
It's epic like the final battle in a space war video game -synths rev like a chorus of engines , and Ramm steps up to testify -
a prophet whose words worm through the veils of synth fuzz.

'When the top candidates for a spiritual leader consist of Mel Gibson or a man in customized roller boots and a pop culture samurai mask , I know who I'm with.
Like Ramm raps (on "Traxxstoppers") "I believe that when the dead crawl up out their graves , it's time for space travel ...'

Also Tokion , Sleaze and others I don't even know about ,
I'm sure

Also out now:
* DCC ( aka Death Comet Crew) "This Is Riphop" should finally be hitting the stores (CD & vinyl) very soon , on Troubleman.

* TUSSLE's "Don't Stop" Ep w/ remixes by Soft Pink Truth and moi , SA . Also on Tmu

* Dominatrix ."The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" rere on Gigolo,
w/ sweet remix by the dominatin' Black Strobe

* and hopefully a rather large announcement coming from our camps soon (SA + Tmu), as everything gets sorted in the days ahead ...
Hint: 4 more quality releases to come out of ... 'somewhere' before end of 2004 .

* Also 1 major new release & 1 more rerelease to come on Tmu before end of 2004.
One will be the all new DCC Ep we recorded on Oct. with all original members ( MDiekmann .SShimokawa . DJ High Priest + MC's The Rammellzee and possibly another MC or so).
The new music just roks and burns down the tracks,
quite accessible , sing along chorus , jes 'Rollin and Tumblin' with the DCC. We go up , down , sideways , into but no retro.
We go bk in to fin soon .

Fluxblog keeps rockin me .
The Loretta Lynn /Jack White song "Portland Oregon" just blows away so much of the fuzz out there .
The Led Zep ' ending sounds right and just works .
' and a pitcher to go ' indeed

the Linda Lamb track grew on me too, kind of stately backing track ala choice DAF's "Fur Immer" period , I thot .

2002 and 2003 are fast receeding
as the track moves on ...