Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New & Next next

End of May 2014 New releases & Next

With Black rain's "Dark pool" now done -
congrats Oliver Chapoy for the recording - engineering & coproduction - and the last NYC show for a while done last Saturday night, it becomes Ike Yard's time again.

IY New Ep and new Album "Rejoy" is underway. Same time preparing for first shows in Japan & fingers crossed on Berlin Aug. There is also the Factory America Comp. and a last IY collab - Orphan Swords "Vassagio" coming in June on desire.
This follows the Oliver Chapoy aka Certain Creatures - IY collab "Sparkle" from Styles Upon Styles NY- the Samuel Kerridge remix is out on the remix EP.
IY's first Ep 1981's "Night After Night" to be reissued on desire 2015.

The JBLA Ep collab w members of Different Fountains & Julian Jockel in Brussels may have a followup comprised of jams ("Phantom Minds") done a year earlier then JBLA in Eupen Belgium.

Sophist Group / Polystyle SA EP & Album underway. Some 'return to clubs' and night moves listening.

SDTKS 1983-1996 Collection TBA including soundtracks for Gretchen Bender, Robert Longo, IBM Advanced CG Div., Innerware "Ambient Lingerie Catalog by Prinzessin" & "Digital Shiatsu" musik w Shinichi Shimokawa ( from Death Comet Crew & Black rain ) among many others

"Low Rise" Book & Musik project w Evan Calder Williams underway ...


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