Friday, September 25, 2009

Water on the moon

Slice of moon obscured by cloud floating over downtown.
A seagull very high up in the sky, last bright sunlight moving up high white branches.
Breathe ...

Up late reviewing REC's releases and plan to have the Luca Davis project become REC003;
the adventure poem audio movie with : text by Luca Davis,
read by Judy Nylon,
soundtrack ( original music & sound fx , sound design ) by Outpost,
music guest Jamie Vex'd ( ! )
It's pretty killer so far, we down into sonic details that pop every few lines.

Simon from Ballardian has some ideas in regards to Outpost's JG Ballard based soundtracks,
we currently edit our recording of a second Ballard piece Time, Memory and Inner Space, as read by Judy Nylon !
We also now have about 10 artists involved in the 20m video visuals for "Atrocity Exhibition" ,
including Mark C and myself and a top selection including Adrienne Altenhaus,Robert Longo and Vivian Wong.
The Exhibition at Monkytown is coming up Oct. 24th, one seating only.

REC follows that up a first Dystopians EP, Dominatrix remix Ep, second Ep and album , black rain EP and albums and more

Ike Yard recieved the two Berlin Dubplates & Mastered mixs of Oshima Cassette and Citiesglit yesterday and they sound great.
Heads will explode on contact.
This was awesome ... probably the best Mastering I've heard.

Our friend Naokoula is at her parent's place by little river out in Japan,
she's making food and reading JG Ballard there ...