Monday, August 11, 2008

Man Machine Music Chinese version

One of the amazing visuals of the year so far - the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony Friday and it's opening with the 2008 drummers manning table sized drums their sheer numbers laid out across the floor of the 'Birds nest' Stadium.
flashing lights as their hands drummed ... zoom out to patterns in light into symbols, patterns, characters made for the TV cameras. Beats suggesting visual data high speed transnational trade and commerce ,,,
8/8/08 NIke also sponsored the Boredoms 88 drummers live in Brooklyn (Gang Gang Dance) and LA this time .

China had 2008 drummers Zimou's grand scroll, Eiko's hundreds, thousands of costumes, the fireworks artist,
Sarah Brighton singing high pitched atop the globe, the country's chi sweat smile work force lighting the torch.
Morning fog Bush sitting in the stands with Putin as Russian troops invade Georgia, Japanese PM with his wife,
bulletin on the disintegrating South & North Korea talks.
The Chinese world moment ongoing ...

And today came a nice editorial outlining issues surrounding this opening ...