Monday, March 01, 2010

Ike Yard - Sistol rmx

Blank City and Radiant Child screened at Berlin Film Fest.
Ike Yard's Sistol remix is underway,
after a quick couple of sessions some hypritized beats surfaced
and it's sounds quite good with the original track "Sistol" from 2000 ... feels right.
We sent off the cover art the other week and will hear an idea for the CD "Nord" album release date.
IY also posted link to Traffikers on WFMU Free Music Archive >

Outpost plays Knitting Factory Thursday night with 999999999's, Screen Vinyl Image and Ceremony !
8 song set : Serial angels / League city / Psycho diary / untitled new one / Ice planet / Nightning / Witchfire / Black neurons

And it's a nice time for remixes and new collabs;
Mirror Mirror collaboration track for Rvng. Int. FRKWAYS nearing completion
The Units Right Man remix underway with Scott Ryser
The IY Vladislav remix mentioned above and likely Cloudland Canyon remix coming up next !

Also working on the DCC demo and preparing for Rec to release a DCC ep ...