Friday, July 30, 2004

Innis Mode: Red Planet

'Miami Dad County election officials said today they found missing voter data from the 2002 primary originally believed to be lost' .
'Audit finds US cannot account for missing millions in Iraq'
'US Homeland Security Hd Tom Ridge to quit after Nov.elections'
'White House projects record 445 billion deficit'
'White House ups 2004 forecast to 4.7 %'
'Volcanos active in Alaska'
'RIP Francis Crick'
'Islamabad . 'Pakistan Official Aziz survives suicide attack'
'Uzbek blasts at US & Israeli Embassies'
'Japan's Crown Princess Masako has been diagnosed with adjustment disorder -
a psychological problem caused by a major life change (like getting married to the Emperor's son and having to produce a proper heir, among other pressures) .
Masako is receiving consuling and meds ... '
'Meteor rock from Mars found on Antarctica ice' .
Out of 13,000 meteors 6 are from Mars , under analysis these rocks have been found
to contain building blocks of life.
'We've met the Martians -
and they are us '

Thursday, July 29, 2004

'Fear Of Death sways minds and votes'

that's a headline from the browser today
After a study that showed how the mention of '9/11' can make people vote for Bush,
whether they consciously want to or not ...

Repuglican psy ops ,
electronic votes from 2002 lost in Fla. ,
what's next , Dick Cheney's use of infrasound revealed ?