Saturday, September 19, 2009

Diamond apricot

White lights over downtown for some nights before Sept. 11 past , their beams piercing cloud layers up to a grey cloud ceiling.
Cool nights, quiet walking home late, not much cicada sound by now but clear brilliant days like today.
Peaches, yellow water melons from the farmer's market.

Outpost continued on Luca project, added new tracks, new basslines for the Goblin Bar scene, heading towards a first rough mix.
Great rehearsal last weekend working on songs.
DC Dec. 4 & 5 confirmed : Friday night "We Fought The Big One" DJ sets by Mark C and me @ Cafe Marx in Mt Pleasant,
then Saturday night Outpost plays at Velvet Lounge with others tba !
Next week the group returns to editing more voice for Atrocity Exhibition's next 10 portions, currently finishing the digital flier for Monkeytown, 10 artists ! tba ... 11pm late seating.

Maya's new music video @ Secret Project Robot
Trentemoller's Copenhagen Night @ Cielo
Victorious Ones : Jain Images Of Perfection @ Rubin Museum Of Art