Thursday, March 25, 2004

30 Seconds Over DC - Dischord Rere

From what I hear Dischord will rerelease the crazy DC compilation the first group I was in was on .
Some years bk, Henry Rollins tried to get Rick Rubin's American Recordings to do it, but that didn't work out.
Now Rollins went bk to source and with Dischord (some of DC's finest) doing it - cool and much respect -
from one gen of 'punk' to another .
"30 Seconds Over DC" has tracks by The Rudements,
The Slickee Boys , Chumps, Billy Synth, Jeff Dahl ,
1/2 Japanese , White Boy, The Nurses ,Tina Peel ,
Young Turds (can't forget them !) and Da Moronics,
among others.
Limp Records 1978 ...

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit

"Yeah" : Usher , Ludi and Lil Jon took the TRL stage yesterday to do a much better - then - the record version of their hit.
Lil Jon in control , crowd goes wild , Ludi so conspicuous

Great to see Condi's sorry pat replies and
George , Rummy , Colin , George having to answer for 9/11 panel .
The *uckers blew it and they better not get in next time 'round.
Grill 'em over high heat

Second season of The Shield pretty hardcore so far,
last night's ep. with the Eastern European looking hooker was a 'disturbing but you had to watch' kind of thing

Good email exchange with Hell late last night,
with the collapse of EFA (Dist.) , things are *ucked up.
Steady on mate . Verlier Nicht Den Kopf ...

Monday, March 22, 2004

Merry Christmas Mr. Sakamoto

Kind of great to see Ryuichi Sakamoto on "Hey Hey Hey" tonight.
He played a sweet version of "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence" on solo piano,
and just finished doing "Undercooled" with MC Sniper from Korea and Keigo O (aka Cornelius) on fx guitar.
Poor Sakamoto hurt his back and was with an ebony cane,
but almost couldn't stop laughing with the hosts when they showed old clips of stunts from years ago.
Ryuichi , long may u run


and TUSSLE's "Don't Stop" Ep is also out now on Tmu.
remixes by Soft Pink Truth from Matmos
and I remix "Don't Stop" .
TUSSLE seems to be evolving their own sound and
it's a good thing

hey ya

Hi and welcome to anyone coming here from Woebot
I needed a place to throw up info about all the releases and rereleases going on
you can email me in the meantime

Current releases :

* Dominatrix "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" rerelease on Gigolo has been out in Europe and doing well for awhile now.
viva Black Strobe , heard from Tim they rocked Miami WMC .
Hats off to Hell and everyone @ Gigolo

Upcoming this summer Gigolo's 150th release DVD will have the 'Sleeps Tonight' music video we did sooo long ago
(Director Beth B / Exec Prod Joel Webbers Uproar Records/
Co Produced by Beth B and me . 1984 ).
The video was banned /not shown by MTV after being previously scheduled to be aired, this was 1984 !

* DCC aka Death Comet Crew's "DCC This Is Riphop" Album
out very soon on Troubleman Unlimited.
If you know the "DCC America" Ep out last summer also on Tmu , you know some of what to expect .
The Album's a composite of more live cuts from The Pyramid Club 1984 tracks with DJ mixing onstage , comments from the rif raf and the one of a kind - who branded a kind'
Pyramid MC's + the 1984 Death Comet Crew Beggars Banquet EP including the Unique Studios tracks "At The Marble Bar" , "Exterior Street" and the "Funky Dream" .
Ripping from riff to bt to fx /DJ scratch in a second ...
w/ 'hidden track .

* The "Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album on Gomma .
Great Album ... I believe we really can say you have never heard a whole hiphop album doin' what this one this .
Hats off to Gomma and Munk for this one .
This is another level.
Get below the shieldings ,
these are Tales direct from Rammellzee's Gothic Futurism .
Claddedenvocodedgalacticicerocketskatinginterstellar justicebreakdance bootcampbreakbthooksancient&postindustrialequationmechtechisms
Jaws' tracks are the 2 ol skool street bts breaky hiphop hits
Munk's tracks rock (Trk 3) , ruminate (7) and punk u (9)
"Do I Have To Show A Resume" 'end of existence ...'
NY-Tokyo concrete new schools ya
I wanted to let The Rammellzee drag race
run these tracks on this album .
The *hit is straight

Let it blast the clubs and bells ringin
this spring and summer
'but when the dead do come out their graves ,
bring your women or gamble ' (8)

and another 6- 10 releases and rereleases are on tap and on deck .
This is going to be a run
Cheers all