Friday, January 25, 2008

Into winter's white sun

Into winters white sun blue sky glare down Second Ave. afternoon
feels like skin damage
By Gem Spa someone takes a visitor inside
Past St Marks Church in cold light and wind
Workers fill a dumpster with trashed furniture with a man haranging them in a loud voice from a few feet away
On the ground a hawks eating something on the Oval ground
One horn beeps in the morning
New building lit up on the Western sky
White moon setting in early morning sky
shines on the new building on Brooklyn side
Bed feels so good
A big white truck pulled over outside the tunnel
Con Ed towers in steam in the distance
A classic view of the skyline
Load up a Taxi mini van , driver from Panama
The American kid who sat 2 rows behind us , got trashed and yakked all night ,
crashed until awakened by stewardess
and came down into Passport Check muttering
- and minus his passport
Return flight almost 2 hours shorter
No good movies to watch onboard

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow fall on pines

Wake up to snow falling on the garden outside.
Covers the tops of the trees and bushes.
Good thing we finished laundry yesterday ...
Hours of packing last night, preparing clothes for today and tomorrow's flight to carry on,
everything else into suitcases that will be picked up this afternoon.
Snow's coming down in nice big clumps now.

Back in the States:
Josh in SF is helping Ike Yard set up our first W Coast tour ( SF / LA / Portland / + ) for early May ...
DCC working on last tracks for album, setting up live WFMU delayed from fall
Dystopians has our second movie night set for April 5 with THX 1138 , this time with guest guitarist Norman Westburg

Manami Konishi led by the moon in Dubai

Frau magazine cover story
Great Mountains in Japan
Lost In Transition
Cell phone novels top best sellers
Zabuton mute
A few more nights in Japan to go ...