Monday, June 26, 2006

DCC Amiens France ?

DCC has been asked to perform at the Oct.7 Anomalies Fest White night in Amiens France
The other groups sounds great I heard T Raumschmiere will be performing among others

In this case , we may go to Tokyo in Sept. and then i go to Europe Oct.6 or thereabouts

Sunday, June 25, 2006

No charges for the woman who heckled

A 6.2 earthquake hit Sulawesi Indonesia @ 5:20 AM this morning ,
no injuries damage reported

In the Phillpines and under heavy rains from tropical storms
hundreds of villages run away from the car sized rocks and hot debris coming down from the Bulusan volcano

No charges were ultimately filed against Wang Wenyi , Falun Gong member who shouted out during Chinese leader Hu Juntao's visit to the White House April 20 ...

Rioting in China over label on college diplomas

Emerald ash borer was only ID'ed here 4 years ago but has killed millions of ash trees in the MidWest after probably coming into the country in Detroit in '02 in the cargo hold of a ship

8 months after quake Pakistani await relief

US population expected to hit 300 millon this year

Pluto's Nyx renamed Nix

42 light years away , the Puppis System has 3 planets , an asteroid belt
and a pale Sun-like star