Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Voodooists EP coming on REC

Full moon turns white . Drums begin . Hair standing on back of your neck .
We have been listening to the old DAT's and the two mixes of Damballa 2000 are both going to be on this rerelease;
also Spider dance and Psychoceremonial.
In the coming weeks we will be listening to these alt mixes we have and seeing what else we have .
The tracks were electro dance , ethno pop ; layers of percussion in voudou tempos, bird and animals sounds, breath and winds.
otherworldly vocalizingfrom Evon, Jocelyn and Carole out of East NY 1992 AD.
I see the old Warlock The Voodooists 12" Jungle And The Zoo copies are being sold on Discogs , but very few Google hits .
Neither the project or the 12" were very well known when we did them in 1992 ...