Friday, March 17, 2006

little Ice Age

5 years of rain , storminess
Corpse robbers , the Church
Plague , decree blames it on witches ,
1000 killed

The last Frost Fair ,
A volcano erupted and caused the year without a summer
Mary Shelley & Lord Byron stayed at Lake Geneva and wrote

They like to blow things up

Fun to pick up the current Village Voice with 'V for Vendetta'
blow up London town cover to read the accompanying article 'The Road To Dystopia /
From We to V: A brief history of political future shocks' by Michael Atkinson.
Well, that age of dystopian fervor has been underway here for some years now
ever since Bush got in the first time , really.
That's why the new group has been called Dystopians since i guess 2001- 2002
Bones and i are well underway and i'm back to programming beats for them in a minute ...
I look forward to the movie , hardly ever go out to see a movie anymore so will enjoy it as that ! , and respect Alan Moore

Oh yea Here's to future shock

the new Silk Road

'This is the new Silk Road' the head of Chinese owned Petrokazakhstan
announced his new pipeline to China.

Dutch psychiatrists announced the dissident held for 13 years in Chinese police jail
was not insane . Wang Wanxing had been held in the prison called Beijing Ankang with other severely ill patients and fed drugs

S Korean premier resigns in uproar over golfing during rail strike

Deadly mining protest in Indonesia over Freeport huge gold and copper mine

Monday, March 13, 2006

A day of "24"

Yesterday was a rare almost full day of Cable as one channel had a "24" marathon
of the first season ,
then at night came reruns of the last season (Prez Palmer's VP taking over) and tonight , the current season ...
With Patriot Games on another channel and switching between channel during commercials it all became a bit too much 'action' and fell into bed by midnight.
Whew ...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Din > new war dance

Yesterday evening I happened to look downtown in the sky South of the city and saw
bunches of black clouds, smoke blowing up from a brush fire in Staten Island and creating a stratus layer stretching across the bay and over into Brooklyn.
Went out to eat in the warm night ,
impossible not to overhear the stories coming from another table ,
how 'I got off alcohol in LA by coming back to junk in NYC'.
Checked into Simon Reynold book party @ Nublu early ,
waiting for the DJ's to start it up.
On the way home on Ave.C we admired the variety of trees with torn and dirty plastic hanging from their limbs.
Clumps of white yumpy chumpies crowd the sidewalks waiting to get into wherever it is they go (a fake German beerhall).
In front of the projects where the troublemaking kids come from
another lonely tree survives , seemingly growing plastic grocery bags instead of leaves while the sides of the towers have enough black cables hanging down their sides it reminds me of old Kowloon Walled City that used to exist in Hong Kong.
Deep dreams of being on a trip (a Tour ?) in London , running around the city , up and down Tubeway stairs trying not to lose members along the way give way to a shower scene where young woman has used some kind of soap that doesn't mix with water and has beaded up on the walls and tub , I splash some onto my arm to see what it does.
Turn to find another woman has joined us in the shower , she has taken her clothes off and smiling has slathered the liquid soap across her breasts and down her body.
Overnight the rain came to wash the white salt chem stuff off the walkways ,
and it's very quiet and dark peaceful Sunday.
Lying on the day bed in the living room I feel inspired thinking of collectives ,
new projects and a Sparks song I listened to last night before going out
(Thanks But No Thanks from Propaganda).
Lying still and regulating my breath getting into a near meditative state ,
closed eyes seeing red geometric shapes form and change ,
eventually something that looks like a little atomic bomb cloud centers in view and keeps morphing.
Another tangent begins and I see the Himalayas again briefly as white fluffy clouds part ...
Other thoughts turn into the beginning of the musik for the first song i will write for Dystopians , something i've been waiting to do, the song's called Din.
Soon my foot is tapping and i figure out 2 main parts of the song and go back to information noted from a History Channel show on Boudica the other night.
The chant of her followers rings through my brain
Boudica ! Boudica ! Boudica !

Songs for sentient beings trapped in a setting -sun world

There's denial going on

"There's denial going on and it starts at the top"

NY Times Sunday talking about u know who's Admin